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Visalus Sciences | Body By Vi | What is in the Nutritional Shake Mix? by Audrey Sommerfeld

For more information go to or call 904.274.1414 Audrey Sommerfeld heads up the ViSalus Sciences® product marketing efforts, ensuring the company has a competitive and compelling product line and the tools to generate exposure and sales. Sommerfeld brings to ViSalus™ the experiences of a successful career as a marketing executive with global leadership roles [...]

Hep Forte Nutritional Supplements

So, you are ready to do some Detoxing! A great concern of the 21st century is taking in too many poisons that store in our organs. Powerful chemicals we take in are threatening our health. Now Foods has GI Support Formula, for our Digestion and Good Bacteria with Aloe Vera. Cleaning out and maintaining ones [...]

Benefits of Vitamin B5 by Nutritional Intake

B5 is very important for the metabolism and hormone balance. Its another one of those vitamins important for keeping healthy. Another great nbenefit of Vitamin B5 is that it keeps the skin and nervous system healthy. Vitamin B5 helps the body process carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Vitamin B5 Deficiencies The lack of Vitamin B5 may [...]