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Justin Bieber Proactiv Commercial – Spoof

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Real Proactiv Customers Surprised by Justin Bieber at a Proactiv Commercial Shoot (Official)

Find more videos of Justin and check out our products on our channel at Exclusive video of Justin Bieber having some fun at his official Proactiv Commercial shoot. Real Proactiv customers thought they were coming in to audition for a Proactiv Commerical. Justin surprised them by stepping in as the director. Video Rating: 4 [...]

Have you seen the Justin Bieber Proactive commercial?

Question by Ben: Have you seen the Justin Bieber Proactive commercial? He looks just like a tomboy girl. Best answer: Answer by Jesus Freak xD!“He looks just like a tomboy girl.” OTHER THINGS THAT AREN’T NEWS: TOM CRUISE IS CRAZY, CATHOLIC PRIESTS HAVE RAPED CHILDREN, GOD IS DEAD. What do you think? Answer below!

Justin Bieber’s Proactiv Commercial 2010

Justin Bieber the new face of Proactiv Video Rating: 3 / 5

What Justin Bieber and Katy Perry should know about Proactiv for acne

Justin Bieber and lots of other young celebrities including Avril Lavigne, Julianne Hough, and Katy Perry endorse Proactiv. But is it the best acne treatment to buy? For complete results of our acne cream tests, just Like us on Facebook: Video Rating: 4 / 5

Justin Bieber Proactive Commercial Part 2


Justin Beiber is Proactiv Commercial (dub/ Parody)

Justin Beiber isnt who you thought… I Do Not Own the rights to the video.The visual content of this video is owned by Bauer Digital. All audio was self created. I HATE PROACTIV COMMERCIALS!! I think they’re extremely stupid and senseless…SOOO I decided to make my own Proactiv commercial spoof to show how dumb they [...]

Justin Bieber New Proactiv Commercial (FULL)

Justin Bieber 2012 Proactiv Commercial FULL Thanks for watching! Please like comment and subscribe! **ALL RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS** Follow me on tumblr!: Follow me on twitter! Video Rating: 5 / 5

Justin Bieber Proactive Commercial Part 1 of 2

Sorry there is two parts my iPod had gotten dead! Video Rating: 4 / 5

CULTURE & GROUP: does justin bieber looks like a girl?

Question by : CULTURE & GROUP: does justin bieber looks like a girl? i don’t hate justin bieber or anything but like i just got home from the mall and there was a proactiv commercial and i seen this dude looking like a female forreal like my sister was thinking the same thing too lol [...]