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Wednesday: Longlasting polished makeup & hair for all jobs

Wednesdays look! This is the 3rd video in my 5 video series of work week makeup ideas for all skin tones! All the looks in this series will be natural/polished looking to suit most job types. This one is a look using long lasting products and some tricks to help your makeup stay on longer. [...]

iPhone UK launch event: Steve Jobs on 3G

Steve Jobs discusses the lack of 3G on the iPhone at the UK iPhone launch. Explains the rational behind the decision, and explains why the iPhone works just fine with Edge and WiFi. Filmed at the iPhone launch event: Apple Store, Regent Street, London. Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Benefits of Part-Time Jobs for Moms

As in any business environment, whether it be home or office, there are a few requirements for maximum function and efficient production. The basic items necessary are an up-to-date computer system with plenty of RAM and a dedicated Internet line such as DSL, or cable. Landline telephone and fax machines are essential for good communication. [...]

Cool Neutrogena Jobs images

Some cool neutrogena jobs images: WYIB from Besque Image by guccio@文房具社 从现在开始我们将快照活动与WIYB活动合并,平均每个星期,我们都会刊登全球范围内的一个Moleskine用户的生活快照,照片可以是他们与MOLESKINE产品的合影,也可以是What’s in your bag的骚包活动,今天的主角又是一位来自清华大学的新生-吴墨信典(话说清华的同学咋就都那么诗情画意的名字呢)与我们分享他的Moleskine生活并骚一下他的包。 姓名/Name: Besque Wu 年龄/Age: 18 城市/Current City: Beijing 工作/Job: freshman 个人网站/Website: 社交网络帐号/Social Network: 豆瓣 我是清华建筑系大一新生。 从高中开始就用moleskine笔记本,经典款式差不多都用过一遍,最终还是喜欢最基础的硬皮ruled系列。 包里的东西,有Canon G10(爸爸送的礼物,用它拍下了这张照片,因此没有出镜)。左上角:Neutrogena护手霜。上中:用了五年的皮质钱包,快磨坏了还是舍不得扔。上右:Casio电子词典,看小说的时候用。中间是3个目前在用的moleskine: 左边的空白黑色硬皮是inspiration board,我有收集图片的癖好,杂志上的图会剪下来、电脑里喜欢的会冲印出来贴上,当然因为我的专业是建筑,平时也会用铅笔在上面随手写生或者图画。这本已经快满了。 中间的红色硬皮大号是日记+日程安排(没错我到现在还在坚持手写日记,成习惯了改不掉),也快用完了。 最右边是黑色硬皮ruled reporter,用来摘抄文字(建筑专著、小说、历史读物,很杂),抄写有些浪费时间,但是还是坚持这个习惯,为的是给自己找点事情做。最近在抄《1Q84》和《美学散步》里的精彩片断。 躺在红本肚子上的是500G移动硬盘(我有存图片的癖好,硬盘必须随身携带)。左下起,口香糖,iPod(手机可以不用但是音乐不能断),去年暑假买给自己的RayBan墨镜。 由于iPhone拿去维修了,没有入镜。 平日用的包是Alexander Wang的一款小型斜挎牛仔蓝皮包(用剧本的奖金买给自己的礼物,下面左图),看上去很小巧其实肚子大得不得了。如果需要带书本和MacBook,就会背Alexander Wang的Donna Hobo(右图):

Latest Estee Lauder Companies Jobs News

Cisco Slims Down Its Workforce Cisco may shed as many as 10,000 jobs, or about 14 percent of its workforce. The cuts are meant to revive profit growth; as many as 7,000 jobs could be eliminated by August. Cisco is also providing early retirement packages to about 3,000 workers who accepted buyouts. Eliminating jobs will [...]

Q&A: How or where to apply for make-up artist jobs in retail?

Question by xXx Janette xXx: How or where to apply for make-up artist jobs in retail? I’m looking for any other places outside of Estee Lauder’s companies careers. Such as No.7, Max factor, Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent , Givenchy, Clarins countersetct. I’m open to any suggestions from beauty or make-up artist professionals. Thanks Best [...]

Latest Estee Lauder Companies Jobs News

Estee Lauder’s net income doubles Strong overseas sales and continuing cost-cutting helped more than double third-quarter net income at cosmetics seller Estee Lauder, the company said Thursday. Read more on AP via Yahoo! News Concern About Jobs Report Pushes Wall Street Lower A disappointing weekly report on jobless claims raised concerns about what Friday’s data [...]