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CULTURE & GROUP: does justin bieber looks like a girl?

Question by : CULTURE & GROUP: does justin bieber looks like a girl? i don’t hate justin bieber or anything but like i just got home from the mall and there was a proactiv commercial and i seen this dude looking like a female forreal like my sister was thinking the same thing too lol [...]

HAUL: Forever 21, Love Culture & Skin Care Products!

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A Culture of Sustainability: Aveda by Dominique Conseil

Dominique Nils Conseil became president of Aveda in 2000. The French cosmetics executive took over the reins of the immensely successful hair- and skin-care manufacturer from its legendary founder, Horst Rechelbacher, and was firmly committed to preserving Rechelbacher’s original mission of bringing safe, environmentally friendly products to the market. Aveda experienced tremendous growth during the [...]