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James Bond Sam Botta Roger Moore I Married A Beautiful Woman Let’s face it, I, Sam Botta, cry at movies. It’s what happens when you are reared knowing that you are loved by family. I wish this for you. It’s not too late. I’m kind of a screenplay junkie, since every work, every mark on the page, every symbol, every expression… has meaning, intentionally there, [...]

Roger Moore “I Married A Beautiful Woman” James Bond tells Sam Botta Live Fearless

“I Married A Beautiful Woman.” Roger Moore (James Bond) tells me. Wow I was over 200 lbs. then… 150s now. That was four years ago. See THIS: Rick Dees. A Class Act! “Live Fearless with Sam Botta” Clip from Dees Entertainment Studios – Father’s Day be reminded that great men still exist. If you [...]