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Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” NBC News report, November 1991

Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” discovery by researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson as explained by NBC News’ Robert Bazell (with Tom Brokaw introduction) in a November 1991 News report. Melanotan (one) is now being developed in Australia as a photoprotective medicine to treat people who’s skin is negatively affected (more than normal) by exposure [...]

Melanotan-(1) “afamelanotide / Scenesse” – BBC Report 09/2002 – photoprotective / tanning drug

Melanotan-(1) “afamelanotide / Scenesse” is reported on by the BBC’s Christian Mahne. He reports on Clinuvel’s (then called Epitan) development of the drug called Melanotan-(1) “afamelanotide / Scenesse” with explanations of its long lasting photoprotective melanin increasing tanning effects and how it will be administered (at least initially) via a single half-matchstick sized subcutaneous implant. [...]