Why won’t hairstylists EVER do what I tell them to?

Question by &rea: Why won’t hairstylists EVER do what I tell them to?
I ask them to cut off two inches and they take off four.
I ask them for side-swept bangs and they give me dog-ear bangs like Juno.
I even try giving them a picture, and they simply mutter, “Mm-hmm!” and set it down before chopping off random sections of my hair in whatever manner they please.

I have not ONCE gotten a haircut that looks the way I intended it to look.
I go to proper salons, (Aveda, etc.) and get very expensive haircuts, but they NEVER turn out.

Has anyone else had this problem?!

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Answer by Beckee M
be more specific



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  1. Jay says:

    Don’t pay them when they go for something you don’t want them to do.

    I’ve had this happen to me SO many times. Just keep reminding them,
    and they’ll get it through their heads..

  2. ♠ make•cupcakes•not•war ♣ says:

    yeah, my hairstylist always gives me like a lesser-version of what i ask for.
    like i brought in this rly awesome picture of a scene haircut, and she just barely layered it, and gave me somewhat good bangs
    and a few years ago, i wanted to get a certain type of bang, and she cut them STRAIGHT across! so i had bucket bangs. ew it was awful!

    the thing is that u just gotta be reeeeeeeally specific, pictures always help, and i try to point out the things about the haircut that i like most, and go into big detail.

  3. S. S says:

    lmao i had this same problems…but thats how u learn things.now i go to private salons or the one that are not too expensive. dont go to these salons..they are there only wid the name but i guess they aint got any gud experience. it worked for me why dont u try same as me!

    here plz answer mine if u can

  4. Meow says:

    I know exactly what you mean! They never bloody listen, if really gets on my nerves it’s like im paying you so the least you can do it give me what I want. I’ve even shown hairdressers pictures and they’ve said to me ‘oh you won’t like it so im not going to cut it like that’ i mean i know what i want its my hair for gods sake. Now i just sound like an angry lunatic but that’s how it makes me feel, im glad someone feels the same. The only reason i have my hair how i like it now is because i got my friend to cut it for me, and she’s not even a qualified hairdresser yet she does it a million times better than anyone hairdresser in a salon would.

  5. FLR says:

    I would like to ask why you left the salon that gave you the one haircut that you liked? At any rate,it sounds like there is a breakdown in communication if the sylist repeatedly gives you opposite of what you asked for.I know you mentioned having a picture but I would suggest maybe bringing in several photos so that the stylist can truly get an understanding of what you are asking for.And when you ask for a trim,make sure you have them show you before even touching your hair what their idea of “two inches” is.

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