What is your favorite anti wrinkle cream?

Question by d: What is your favorite anti wrinkle cream?
I am noticing fine lines, mainly around my eyes. Does anyone have a magic cream they prefer to fend these off? I just bought olay regenerist night cream, is that anyones go to?

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  1. Tamara says:

    PepTox wrinkle relaxing cream , and I have seen a HUGE difference in her wrinkles I mean she looks younger for real !

  2. tsuichi says:

    I don’t usually care if i have wrinkles or not, but if i was ugly and had crows feet, then of course i would put that stuff called bare minerals on.. if you think I’m crazy, then just the let you know that bare minerals has a new relaxing cream.

  3. Lady E says:

    I use No7 Time Resisting Day Cream and No7 Time Resisting Night Cream and I also use a No7 Refine & Rewind Intense Perfecting Serum underneath both day and night and i constantly get told what beautiful skin i have also found exfoliation with No7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator once or twice a week and use the No7 Intensive Moisture Face Mask Afterwards, i love boots i wouldnt trust my skin to anyone else

  4. MIA says:

    The Pep Tox Wrinkle Cream by Bee-Luscious is very very good. I love the results from it.

    I have never had much luck with any of the Olay products or any of the other drugstore brands. They work but just not to the extent I would like. But anyway. Good luck!

    Oh BTW look up Bee-Luscious on Google or Yahoo search. That is the best way to find it.

  5. kriz says:

    Artistry has a line called “Time Defiance”. I use the daily skin care system and my skin has never looked better! They also have other products like eye cream and a botox-substitute called “Derma Erase”.
    Their products have been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by anywhere from 40% to 80% (depending on the product). They aren’t available in stores but I get mine at http://www.jewel.mychoices.biz

  6. Janis H says:

    i’m nearly 35 and i use mary kay cosmetics, they seem to work for me and they take care of my wrinkles. i also use the cellu sculpt also and it took care of my stretch marks. you see the diffrence in two weeks. i think mary kay is the best. i love the micro derm abrasion system. it worked well for me/.

  7. healthwise357 says:

    i prefer to use skin care products that comes in all natural for it is safe and effective to use. this can help moisturize the skin deep within with its living nutrient ingredients making the skin to appear healthy and youthful and away from fine lines. for wrinkle-reduction tips visit http://www.skinsosilky.com

  8. shopaholicnessa719 says:

    I really like any moisturizer from Estee Lauder or even Burts Bees. Burts Bees royal jelly eye creme is completely natural and works wonders on wrinkles.

  9. Purple Hearts says:

    Its not a wrinkle cream i dont think but it does help its called Loreal Paris Plenitude RevitaLift Eye

  10. MOLEY, GONE? says:

    Face Crack Begone, by Hardly

  11. Joby says:

    I use Lancome Hydra zen, its good for wrinkles and if you tend to get blotchy it will tone down any redness.

  12. jugglehopper39 says:

    don’t hide it

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