What are the best foods to help fight acne? Any advice would be appreciated!?

Question by goddamntiffany: What are the best foods to help fight acne? Any advice would be appreciated!?
i am 23 and still have bad acne. I have been on accutane 3 times and it helps while im on it then slowly the acne comes back, I have also used the Obagi skin care systems and I am currently undergoing chemical peel treatments. However I am curious what foods have high antioxidants to help my skin??? So anyone with any reccomendations on foods that might help me or any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

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Answer by TwinkaTee
I have never heard of any specific food reducing acne, but I know a healthy diet of vegetables and lean meats, as well as drinking LOTS of water is supposed to help your skin.

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  1. wowie3333 says:

    Drink ALOT of water! Also, be healthy. Eat lots of green veggies because what you eat reflects in the way you look.

  2. daddis_grl_93 says:

    Garlic is really good for your skin. Drink a lot of water too, cuz it helps flush out the toxins. Dark chocolate actually has a lot of antioxidants in it too. As far as acne goes in general, i’ve had it for years too, mine hasn’t gone away. I’ve found that the kits do help a lot, like acnefree, clean and clear advantage. avon just came out with a new one called clearskin professional, and it works good. I kno this sounds stupid but you would be surprised how many people don’t do it. Just by do a skin care regimen twice a day would and should help. make sure that if you wear makeup you get the ones that don’t clog pores. I like covergirls clean makeup oil control, it’s for people with oily skin. and since acne is caused by bacteria, use a makeup sponge to apply makeup because your fingers have bacteria on them, and it could make your acne worse. I like oil control sheets as well. they don’t take off ur makeup or anything like that, just the excess oil that’s on your skin.

    Good luck and I hope I helped!

  3. balletprincess_101 says:

    strawberries are good, and basically all fruits and i also use plain white toothpaste to wash my face

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