what are some things that help fight hair thinning/loss?

Question by Davis⋆Valentine: what are some things that help fight hair thinning/loss?
and is it normal for a 19 year old to be experiencing it T^T ?

im not really sure if i should call it “balding/hair loss” or “thinning” or what. the middle, HAS hair, its just not as thick and defined at the rest. its all about the same length, just like there is less around the middle so the scalp is easier to see.

my cousin (who works in the hair/salon business) said this stuff called Nioxin could help. but that crap is expensive DX. and the results are different for each person who uses it ($ 35+ is too damn much for only a chance)

then my buddy says to use rogane. i always though the Nivea rogane foam was the only “rogane” out there, but looked it up, and most reviews for certain brands of rogane dont usually work or aren’t great in the long run.

anyway. any insight?

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Answer by Emma
i don’t know what to say but go to maybe like a ulta or something like that

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  1. Bosley says:

    One thing you might want to try is applying natural oils to your scalp, like rosemary or basil, which are known to help maintain & stimulate hair growth as well as repair some damage. Usually people use these oils in conjunction with their shampoo and conditioner. Also, getting plenty of protein in your diet helps nourish hair follicles, which may help prevent further loss.

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