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  1. yoylos3p says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. My dr appt is until March2012! I booked it early October but that’s the sooner she could see me since I am a new patient. My skin is not improving at all, I regret buying Kate S. I’ll check out your MURAD/skincare videos, I definitely need something else while I wait for mid March to arrive.

  2. Violetartistry says:

    aw thank you so much! I hope your dr appt went well and he prescribed something better than Kate S.How is everything? is it getting better? When I had severe acne I tried a lot of things including dr prescription, but what cured it were the MURAD acne products.I talk about them in my skincare videos.still use them now and then and now i introduced The Body Shop line too. I have been clear of acne for almost 10 yr now Let me know if you have any questions, i’ll be happy to help if I can

  3. yoylos3p says:

    I just found your channel thanks to the Mystic Eyes quad tutorial and I’m loving it. Thanks for recommending the Tea Tree line from the BodyShop, I’ll go and check it out. I desperately need something for my acne while I wait for my dr. appointment to arrive. I’m using Kate Somerville but I think it just made my skin go crazy :(

  4. Violetartistry says:

    Thank you so much for your nice words :-)

  5. mmL2145 says:

    love your videos! you are my new favorite person to watch…so refreshing and professional :D

  6. makeupveroefalso says:

    you look fantastic :D …I never saw neutrogena products here where I live, mabe just some skincare products but no make-up stuff :D
    anyway look great on you…..
    did u cut your hair? it looks different :D
    thumbs up doll ♥

  7. mqs7524 says:

    Loved it! :-)
    Thank you.


    I would love a tutorial with Naked palette!!!
    Great video!!!

  9. Mikelutza says:

    I love you!!!! Esti foarte frumoasa! Great video! :*

  10. missgraciebeanie says:

    Very nice and useful video thank you for sharing! You are such a nice and beautiful woman so I can’t imagine someone makes jokes of you in the past! such a shame! You are gorgeous! I also love your cardigan very nice and settle with sparkle I love it! *_*

  11. PurpleeSmilee says:

    sincera sa fiu, nu stiu. Adevarul este ca nici nu m-am interesat. Dar youtube-eritele astea m-au innebunit cu paleta asta “NAKED” incat acum incep sa mi-o doresc din ce in ce mai tare. Oricum, acum ca o am in cap mereu, am sa fiu mai “grijulie” si poate am sa dau de ea in final..

  12. missantuna2 says:

    Oh wow thats great to hear. I will definitely look into Bio Oil Thanks (=

  13. Violetartistry says:

    I will :-)

  14. Violetartistry says:

    I will :-) I did it before this video and the camera did not record :( ( but no worries..I will make one this week, this is one of my daily looks so it’s easy and fast and yes it is Chanel ;-) Thanks so much for watching!

  15. Violetartistry says:

    No, I don’t rub to hard with the bronzer, but I will make a video ;-) )) I also put very little foundation on the cheeks..I feel that the less you have on your cheeks the more beautiful your skin looks…natural and fresh.. :-) )

  16. Violetartistry says:

    Very little scarring, it’s not that noticeable, but it faded away by using Bio Oil!!! I also had a very bad C-section scar (yikes TMI lol) and it really healed and diminished within a year of using Bio Oil every day!

  17. Violetartistry says:

    Multumesc :-) ))) xoxo

  18. Violetartistry says:

    :-) muah!!! yes, i really love Neutrogena!!! Just try to open them in Target LOL and see the colors :-) ))

  19. Violetartistry says:

    Thank you, I will! I actually did the makeup before this video and the camera was on stand by instead of recording!!! LOL! I will do it again , it’s one of my every day looks… :-) xo

  20. Violetartistry says:

    Thank you! It’s Calvin Klein winter 2010.

  21. Violetartistry says:

    Multumesc :-) Naked nu este in Europa..?

  22. Violetartistry says:

    Thank you!!!

  23. eeeelyse says:

    Love your videos! I’m so glad I met you :)

  24. PurpleeSmilee says:

    Vai cat de draguta esti!!!!! Imi place tare mult paleta NAKED, mi-as dori tare mult sa o am. Te pup :*

  25. sergei1978 says:

    I love your top , from where is it ? thx a lott for your time !

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