Updated Skincare Rountine 2012

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


  1. skalligher says:

    @mayasattva you are funny…..i love coconut oil and apple cider vinegar it has changed my skin, and will never go back..i will be doing a haul video in the next couple of days..and i will show you a couple other things that I found that I am loving…. dermatologist, luck girl…thanks sweetie

  2. mayasattva says:

    Thanks beautiful. The bitch I work with puts crisco on her face. Nuff said! I used to be a high end ho, then I married a dermatologist: No more chemicals if I can avoid it. HG’:s Coconut, Argan, Olive oils as moisturizers & cleansers; and the Clarisonic!!!! Maracuja oil as an anti aging treatment. Vinegar and rosewater for toning, hyperpimentation and firming. Ppl think hubby did “work’ on me:).

  3. TheVerdegirl says:

    Hi Shannon, great video! Does the Cera Ve have spf? If not, do you use spf?
    Thanks for the video. :) 

  4. skalligher says:

    @19mimi63 Thank you…didn’t I edit that part out?…lol you have a great weekend sweets and thank you for your support!!

  5. 19mimi63 says:

    I am telling EVERYONE to subscribe!!! Especially that bitch I work with! LOL Thanks for this info….gonna give it a go. Have a great weekend my dear! :) LisaJ

  6. skalligher says:

    @sikupyte it all depends on the type of coconut oil…I am not a dermatologist, and I certainly don’t want to tell people that what works for me is going to work for everyone. I only use Extra virgin Organic coconut oil and apply a very small amount in my hand and let it warm up to a liquid and pat it on my face and neck.

  7. skalligher says:

    @sikupyte thank you…I have heard of it, but I think it is rather expensive compared to the coconut oil, but I will see if I can get a small sample and try it…thank you!!

  8. sikupyte says:

    And have you ever try Emu oil? I baught it from Babyface company and its amazing i used it this night, and my skin was so soft and moisturized in the morning. Try it, maybe you like it too if you have dry skin :)

  9. sikupyte says:

    I will defenitly try apple vinager, if i found it in my country, because i live far far away, in Europe, Lithuania :) but with coconat oil.. i dont know.. i use it only for my hair, because my cosmetologyst told me, that it can clocked my pores :( and some friends of mine, who used it on her face doesnt like it because of the same reason :( maybe its deferent to every skin. I think we need to find what works for us :) Thanks for advice very much :)

  10. skalligher says:

    @cheriatthe2ndhalf I do forget to do that…thank you for reminding me!!

  11. cheriatthe2ndhalf says:

    That is great rosewater, been using it for years! You can use just regular olive oil (the kind you cook with) and it’s much cheaper and will do the same job. Maybe next time tell the “why”s for each product….I always forget to do that too…and here you can’t just say “cause I say so” hehe. hugs. cheri

  12. skalligher says:

    @mekiwi1001 the rosewater has glycerin in it and it prepares your skin to help absorb your serum and moisturizer…and its a great pick-me-up for during the day..it is very similar to MAC’s fix plus, but the mist on the fix plus is much finer. This is great for your hair as well. when you get up in the morning and its a no wash day for your hair, spray it in your hair and restyle it..i wouldnt live without this.

  13. skalligher says:

    @sikupyte try the coconut oil at night, and the Cera Ve as your morning moisturizer..everyone that I have recommended this too has fallen in love with it.

  14. skalligher says:

    @sikupyte no it does not. I have a friend that had cystic acne and was using harsh soap and sea breeze and oil free moisturizer….when I told her about the apple cider vinager and the coconut oil, it transformed her skin…the key is not using too much, and in the morning, if you have acne prone skin, please do not use oil free products, this will increase your oil production on your face…give it a try…it has worked for so many people..if you have any ?’s or concerns private msg me.

  15. sikupyte says:

    and coconat oil doesnt clock your pores? 

  16. sikupyte says:

    Your skin is amazing… i wish to have like this when i will be your age :) i am dry skin aswell.. i use Estee lauder serums, Clinique serums, Babyface hialiuron serum, good moisturizer, but when its becoming a little bit colder it becomes flakey :( (

  17. mekiwi1001 says:

    What is the rose water good for?

  18. BAMitsRuzi says:

    cute channel!! I subbed. :) If you want you can come check out my channel im doing a contest right now an you can join!! thanks xo :)

  19. SparklingSkate02 says:


  20. SparklingSkate02 says:

    Awesome vid :D

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