Suggestions for dandruff shampoo?

Question by scoop1b51: Suggestions for dandruff shampoo?
I am a 18 year old guy who has been suffering from dandruff for close to a year. I never had any problem at all until last winter and it has been a problem since. My dad suffered from dandruff when he was my age he said and it cleared up eventually and he hasnt had problems since but I have tried a lot of products. I have tried original head and shoulders, selsun blue, axe dandruff control, head and shoulders clinical strength which worked a little bit but not completely, neutrogena t/sal, and I just purchased neutrogena t/gel extra strength a couple days ago and haven’t seen much improvement but I will still try it. Any other suggestions for other dandruff shampoos or products? Thank you so much

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Answer by Alice
Head & Shoulders. It works amazing first try most of it was gone for me.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Are you positive that it is only dandruff and not eczema? I only ask because my son has eczema on his scalp and it’s commonly confused with dandruff.

    Paul Mitchell has a shampoo & conditioner that worked great on him. I forget the name exactly but it is in a green bottle and I think it’s called “Tea tree”, etc.

    It tingles when you apply it but it has an amazing scent.

  2. Anna says:

    Try using some dish soap as a shampoo, and see if that helps.
    However, whenever i notice that i have dandruff, i wash my hair with vinegar. Wet hair, apply the vinegar, rinse, and wash out with shampoo.
    Make sure when you wash your hair, you really scrub with your nails as best as you can. Scrub so much, it almost hurts.

    The vinegar cuts through any buildup of soaps or gels.

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is worth a try, and works for me!!
    Do you use a lot of things like gel? Or even conditioner? Some of it may be a buildup of products like that, that dont get completely rinsed out. Best of luck!!

  3. Lalita says:

    My husband went though it too and equate* dandruff control helped him. And he didnt touch his head at all wen it itched which help it go away for ever after over a year of having it

  4. Autumn 809 says:

    head and shoulders anti dandruff is really good. it works for me

  5. Les says:

    See your doctor or dermatologist and get a prescription for some selenium sulfide shampoo 2.5% which is much stronger than over the counter dandruff shampoos. I used to use t-gel everyday and still had dandruff, now I use this stuff like once every 7 days. The prescription does say use it everyday but I just don’t need it everyday because it works that well.

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