Skincare Routine & Korean Products!! (HERA) 헤라 피부관리

Not much has changed since my previous skincare routine video, I just really wanted to make the video again as a proper update, since it’s been such a long time and so many of you have been asking whether I still use Hera or not. :) Products mentioned: – SKII Facial Treatment Essence – Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Water – Hera Aquabolic Moisturizing Essence – Hera Aquabolic Serum – Chanel Hydramax Active Gel Cream – Hera Aquabolic Nutritive Cream – Hera Age Away Eye Contouring Cream – Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex – L’oreal Dermo-Expertise Gentle Make Up Remover for Eyes and Lips – Priceline Round Cotton Pads – Johnson’s Face Care Facial Cleansing Wipes (100% Fragrance Free) – The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash – St Ives Apricot Scrub – Ecotools Sustainable Facial Buffs – Palmers Cocoa Butter Mask You can buy Hera products from This site has free worldwide shipping, and you can get a further 5% off when you enter the discount code MEEJMUSE at checkout. Other sites include, http Subscribe Facebook: Love always xoxo Jen. I have not been paid or sponsored to make this video or review any products. Any opinions are mine and are 100% honest. All content in this video has been created and owned by me.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. sonujung says:

    May I ask how old you are??? Im interested in the facial treatment essence

  2. imahappychap says:

    Where did you purchase your hera eye cream? :)

  3. lilhamtaro19 says:

    Hi, I’m new to asian products and I would luv to use a some, but sense im black/Africa American I not sure of what I can use. I was wondering if you knew any products I could use.

    Thanx :)

  4. c3cilia123 says:

    Have you ever try Ohui? It’s a Korean brand as well. I hav been using Ohui for quite awhile. Is Hera better than Ohui?

  5. allthatglitters022 says:

    My mom is manger of Hera and 설화수 is it same thing but btw. My mom has too much skin stuff. I like Hera lotion too ^_~

  6. miax6318 says:

    @meejmuse Okay, thank you very much!

  7. meejmuse says:

    @tifawong No I haven’t tried Shiseido’s! Thanks for letting me know.. if it’s $8 overseas it’ll probably be $20 or so here lol. I’ve never had acne all my life but recently I have been getting breakouts. I’ll be doing a video on the products I used to prevent and treat my acne problems soon!

  8. meejmuse says:

    @CornPoppy010 From my experience of the brand, I generally prefer Hera, but I think it’s more of a personal preference :)

  9. meejmuse says:

    @miax6318 Try royalbeautycosmetics hun! They sell samples too

  10. meejmuse says:

    @rollypolly98 kalgooksoo? :P

  11. meejmuse says:

    @FayeLu2010 Haha!! I take comfort in that number.. just kidding! Let me know how it goes xo

  12. meejmuse says:

    @iluvpenguins007 So far no products have particularly caused milia on my eyes, but the general rule of thumb is that if it’s too heavy (thick/excessively moisturising), milia will appear. In your case, I’d recommend you to search for a water-based eye cream such as Shu Uemura’s, Chanel’s or even Mac. Get a sample of Kiehls before settling on it just in case your skin reacts to it! x

  13. iluvpenguins007 says:

    can you tell us about the products that didnt work for you and caused milia? id love to try hera and ive been eyeing kiehls for a while. but my skin is very prone to milia and oiliness even though it can also get flaky and dry
    thanks for sharing!

  14. FayeLu2010 says:

    Great review. Jen you’ve truly sold me on Hera products – going to invest in some products – prob the eye cream. Hehe i read somewhere that on average asian woman use about 13 different skin care products a day – so you’re not to excessive LOL :) Thanks for sharing xX

  15. rollypolly98 says:

    korean rice noodle

  16. miax6318 says:

    Hi Jen.
    Do you know where I can find some test of the HERA products? I’am from Europe so if you know where I can find it with low shipping, it would be more than perfect..?
    btw. nice channel ;D

  17. iluvpenguins007 says:

    hi Jen. can You tell us about the ones You didn’t like? I really like Korean skincare, but I can’t read Korean, so I can’t read reviews or any of that. My Korean friend let me try her isa knox and sk-cara stuff and it seems to work very well.

  18. itsukushimi17 says:

    @meejmuse Oh that’s great. Thanks a lot Jen. ^_^

  19. CornPoppy010 says:

    have you ever tried laneige products ? what do you think about laneige ?

  20. tifawong says:

    hey, did you ever try those shiseido cotton pads? they have a square shape, those are the best cotton pads i’ve ever used. they’re 8 dollars a pack, but i dont know if you can get them in australia. i’m pretty sure you can. i have a question about your skin, do you have acne/breakouts? if so, do you have solutions to it?

  21. Jialisayshi says:

    @cmannequin If you look through the comments, you can see her comment to someone else about Laneige which is “Laneige is okay, but the brands are in different market positions – Hera is a higher-end brand, so I guess it’s not really fair to compare the two brands! :)

  22. Shaba5shinee says:

    hi jen..
    i was looking through hera products i was really interested in using the essence but i saw that it was highly recommended to the “white” women only…and so i was confused do you think its okay for any colored woman? isnt based on skin type and not skin color?

  23. cmannequin says:

    Hey jen, thanks so much for your this video! Can you give me your opinions of the korean brand laneige? DO you think its as good as hera? Because I can access it easier here in Cali than Hera :x

  24. untilfairtone says:

    @iluvpenguins007 she goes to usyd!

  25. untilfairtone says:

    Jen i want to ask if it’s possible to buy korean skincare products (such as the hera sunscreen you reviewed in your other video) in australia? i live in sydney too! or even if it is, will the price be way lower in korea?

  26. PensivePenumbra says:

    @thriveonnovelty Awesome! ;) enjoying my little goodies. I think I may become addicted to these beauty sample subscriptions x

  27. PensivePenumbra says:

    @JordysBeautySpot It was nice…I love Estee Lauder samples ;-)

  28. PensivePenumbra says:

    @Beeneelicious Yep :) more space now for the pram in the tiny hallway…plus I can use the “up” space since I can’t get a dressing table yet

  29. PensivePenumbra says:

    @Beeneelicious Lol! ;-) he he I’m determined to use them or at least swap them :) ) but I’ll pen my 4 subscriptions down to one in a few months or 4

  30. thriveonnovelty says:

    Great video, I got almost exactly the same products as you :)  xx

  31. JordysBeautySpot says:

    Ohh this month looked awesome!! got some lovely things :) xx

  32. Beeneelicious says:

    You used to have that shelf in the hallway right?

  33. Beeneelicious says:

    Wow interesting content. I still can’t bring myself to subscribe and get even more products I never use lol

  34. PensivePenumbra says:

    They’re cute, lol my hubby couldn’t resist playing with the Southern Cross one on his hand… ;)
    ha ha yep esp with the peanut shells ;-)
    but yeah i think there was a eye liner & face scrub

  35. MsSparkleArkle says:

    love the stickers! YOur box is a little different from others i’ve seen

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