Skin texture changes. PLEASE, help. 10 pts?

Question by fairy: Skin texture changes. PLEASE, help. 10 pts?
My skin 4 years ago was completely, totally flawless, glowing, never got acne or anything. Now, I still have a glowing complextion, but the TEXTURE of my skin looks horrible. I am at least 50% Irish and my father has rosacea, which breaks out on his face in stress or cold weather etc, and it’s genetic so I may have early signs of that, just mild. Also I went off birth control about 8-9 months ago for the first time in 5 years. How do I get back the smooth perfect skin I had?? I am only 21.

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Answer by Juju
I’m 33 and have rosacea. I too had flawless skin in my 20′s and it was a nightmare when my skin started to changed in my 30′s. I been to several different dermatologist who did not help me at all. Finally after some research I tried Prosacea. It’s $ 10. a tube a walgreens. It’s changed my skin so much. I love it! My skin is sensitive so I only use a thin layer at night. Being that your so young I’m not sure it is Rosacea but Prosacea is worth a try. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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