Skin problem: rash-like symptom on forehead only.?

Question by Iki: Skin problem: rash-like symptom on forehead only.?
I am 24 years old, and for the last 18 months I have been having a frequent reoccurring rash-like problem on my forehead. I thought it was due to old makeup, so I ditched what I was using and bought something new.. but putting anything on my forehead made it worse, so I stopped using foundation and/or cover-up on my forehead, except when the redness was so terrible, I had to cover it up. I have been through numerous facial moisturizers, cleansers, etc.. nothing is working. The only “temporary” (and I use the term loosely) solution I have come up with seems to be a spritz of rosemary/grape seed water and a thin layer of clean & clear oil-free moisturizer. It’ll go away for the day, or just a few hours, but always comes back.

The rash looks like an acne breakout, but I find it hard to believe because I have had wonderful clean, clear, smooth skin all my life. Even in high school I had a rare occurrences of zits. The bumps are tiny, with pin/pore-sized white heads that never form into pimples and are easily broken by a gentle facial exfoliating brush. This problem even spreads down my temples a bit, and when I do not gently exfoliate my forehead daily (which causes flare ups, too..yippee), the area becomes very flaky and peels. I have only seen one forum post somewhere that sounds similar and it was somehow connected to a dandruff problem spreading to the forehead (and I’ve had dandruff all of my life).

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. And please, no immature posts or posts from anyone who has little knowledge of this and simply tells me to use Proactive or Clearasil because they are pimples. I have used those types of products, even Rosacea-friendly cleansers (because my mother has Rosacea and I know it’s a possibility I may have that), to see if they would help and they have not. In fact, the alcohol in things like Proactive would only irritate my skin more as I tried using alcohol-related skin products and it only causes me to get overly dry and very irritated.

Thanks to all who respond.

Oh and no, I have not seem a doctor or dermatologist yet simply because I do not have health insurance and am very low on the green stuff.. :(
And also to the second response, I’m a virgin (by choice, ty very much! =) ) and have had a clean bill of health, so I don’t think it could have anything to do with genital herpes.. on my forehead. :P
I do not go out into the sun a lot, and when I travel, I usually wear a hoodie and some big, dark glasses and a bit of anything gentle with SPF 15 in it to protect my skin.. my mother used to bake herself in the sun when she was younger and is paying for it now, so I am pretty cautious about long exposure to light. Plus, I get sun-light induced migraines, so I tend to not go out for long periods of time unless I’m in a building.

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Answer by George
have you been in the sun a lot, maybe a heat rash?
I don’t think you can really cure it just try and wear a cap to keep the sun off you face?
im no expert so don’t change your life because of what i say!

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  1. Melody T says:

    it could by rosasia, psoriasis or gentile herpes can be seen on a forehead as a rash…i think. okay rosacea or psoriasis.

    I know these pics are scary. O-o.

  2. JouJou73 says:

    I am not a doctor or a dermatologist but I have been a Beautician and cosmetologist for many years although I no longer practise (by choice) because I have gone into the design field.

    It sounds as if you simply have a problem with Keratosis which is skin condition caused by the build up of sebum in the hair follicle. This condition can occur on many parts of the body – I get it on my thighs and upper arms and so does my son. It can also be on the face, thus when you use an exfoliant the head is opened and able to clear.

    I used Proactive when I got stress pimples and let me tell you that can happen to someone who is 24 or even 34 as a result of hormonal changes in the body. I too never had a zit problem throughout my teenage years and have always had gorgeous skin. But I used to get these awful breakouts through stress which were actually helped by Proactive. My son, however, had a worsening effect after using Proactive so it isnt for everyone and I do not believe your problem is adult acne in any case. If you can email me a couple of close up photos of the problem to then I may be able to diagnose your problem a little easier. However, I still believe that it is Keratosis that is causing your issues.

    If you use an exfoliant most have some form of acid in them which may cause your skin to flake because it is drying it out. You may be able to try a scrub of sea salt and warm water and follow through by patting aloe vera gel into the slightly damp still warm skin after washing. Sea water actually improves my condition on legs and arms during summer when I go to the beach and it gets worse during winter when I dont bother exfoliating. Aloe vera is best coming straight from a plant and squeezing it out of the succulent’s leaf and apply direct to the area – it is a natural healing plant and you can see many benefits from using it. It is less clogging than oils or moisturisers because it is naturally absorbed by the skin and not into the hair follicle.

    Give this a go and see how you fair. If it is keratosis then the only thing that works is exfoliation – the condition doesnt go away but you can keep it at bay by regular exfoliants and natural ones are always gentler than ones containing acids or benzol peroxides. Garnier Pure range is very mild and has salycic acid as its active ingredient and the Deep Pore Wash used twice daily keeps my skin crystal clear on my face and when I stop using it, I get clogged pores or breakouts at 35 so beware that the body is constantly changing in women due to hormones and does some strange things to our skin.

    Good luck, Jen

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