Skin care allergy problem?!?!?! ?

Question by selgomezfan: Skin care allergy problem?!?!?! ?
Can my cheeks be allergic to benzoyl peroxide but my forehead and nose are not?!?
I used proactive in December and January and it worked great for me! I loved it…then I went on vacation (to a warmer place) for 5days and didn’t bring my proactive…when I came back from vacation, I used the products at night and the next morning I woke up with big blotchy red hives all over my face! Weird right?!
So I throw out my proactive and don’t use any acne meds. Until now (February) my acne started to get bad so I went to cvs and bought a morning wash (salsilic acid) and a night wash (benzoyl peroxide) and an astringent (salsilic acid)…before bed last night I used the night wash that has 3.5% benzoyl peroxide (it’s called clear pore daily scrub) and the salsilic acid astringent (just cvs brand for sensitive skin)…
now I am lying in bed (morning) with the same blotchy hives on my face, but this time they are not on my forehead or my chin, just my cheeks and around my jawbone (so none of the targeted acne areas!)
Should I stop using he benzoyl peroxide all together or should I only wash my face on the parts where I need acne treatment (ex. Forehead and nose) ??
I applaud you for reading my entire question!!!
Thanks and any suggestions I am willing to take :)
(I am a 14 y/o girl btw :)

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Answer by AppleButter
I wouldn’t waste time or money on any of that stuff, from experience looking back it was all such a waste, probably gave myself cancers they don’t even have names for yet! Your skins obviously become sensitive so I don’t think it’s much a choice for you. My acne didn’t stop till my late 20′s, and the thing I give credit to, was tanning. Just by chance I got a membership, never thought it’d be the answer, considering I live in the Sunshine State, but it’s the only thing that changed in my life then, it took a few months, then completely stopped, never to return, maybe coincidence ? maybe not ? just figured I’d mention it for your consideration.

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  1. Catterserz says:

    You should ask your facialist.
    But besides that it is possible

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