Sensitive Skin that won’t clear up. Any advice?

Question by Sondra: Sensitive Skin that won’t clear up. Any advice?
Hello all! :)

I have combination skin, oily in my T-Zone and chin, but normal/dry everywhere else. I currently am using Proactiv. I’ve been using the three step process since about the 6th grade, and have had wonderful results with it! But ever since I’ve gone to college, my face has been breaking out!

Now I know you’re thinking that I must be eating wrong, but I’m all about being healthy! I watch my sugar intake, drink lots of water, and try and keep my portions under control and I work out at least a half hour every day. When I finish my workout, I tone my face with step two of Proactiv, and then moisturize so that I don’t get flaky.

My school has terrible water! It’s so full of minerals it conducts electricity and pregnant ladies are told not to drink it! At first that was making me break out like crazy! So I have then switched to buying distilled water and using that, and it has improved my complexion a bit. In class I try not to rest my hand on my face, and although my workload is somewhat challenging, it’s not overwhelming and I’m not stressed.

I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do anymore. In the morning I tone with step two, and then moisturize and apply Mineral Loose Powder from Proactiv’s makeup line. And at night I wash with the distilled water and the three steps of Proactiv. I also use the Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer, and twice a week I have a facial mask from Proactiv that I use as well.

What am I doing wrong? I’m not flaky and dry, because I know dry skin causes a body to over oil and causes breakouts, but the things I”m using are non-comedogenic. What’s going on with me? :(

Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks to all! :)

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Answer by Emily
personally i do not like proactive. it does not fix the problem. i recommend based on your sensitive skin that you use something made mainly of natural ingredients. for example lush it is AMAZING. or as well the body shop. i recommend anything with tea tree in it. it is good for oil and redness.
what i like to ask people is what temperature of water are you using. starting with warm and ending with cold is what you should be doing. for a deeper clean start of with exfoliating. and steam your face.

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  1. Natural Skincare Enthusiast says:


    I have combination skin too…

    You are wise to have diagnosed many facets of your lifestyle (like diet and exercise) to help the condition. I used to be able to eat certain foods and not break out, but now I do. Life is weird like that.

    Here are 3 tips I can give you to try to see if this will help you:

    1. Avoid dairy products (a little butter is okay) especially milk, cheese, etc.

    2. With distilled water only, drink at least 2 cups of spearmint tea a day. You can buy bulk spearmint tea leaves dried as it’ll be cheaper at some health food stores or online. This will count towards your daily water intake btw.

    3. Take 2 teaspoons of ground turmeric a day. You may do this while you are drinking your tea or whenever, but I would strongly encourage not to do it too close to bed or you will have trouble going to sleep.

    College can be stressful so these above tips will not only help your skin condition but reduce anxiety!

    Hope this helps ;)

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