Sea Buckthorn: Fight Acne And Rosacea

Sibu LLC, The Sea Buckthorn Company, has announced that it is offering acne and rosacea sufferers a limited, 14 day free trial of its acne and rosacea skin care products. Acne and rosacea affect millions of people globally; rosacea affects an estimated 45 million people worldwide, including…

My skin routine using Osmosis products geared for rosacea type symptoms. More info can be found on Youtube under Dr. Ben Johnson/Rosacea. Also, I get my products from
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  1. 424allyson says:

    i bought sea buckthorn oil, clenser, and lotion and i just got it today(: soo i realy hope it works for acne

  2. georgepopa1 says:

    In Romania the white catina grows in a spontaneously way,in big amount. Having concluded a serius contract in advance, we can harvest according to your standards and requierment.

  3. gilliangirl1 says:

    Great music, impressive video. However, sea buckthorn did NOT solve my rosacea problem. In fact, it made it worse.

  4. gauleiter45 says:

    I see all web sites sell so expensive sea buckthorn juice.
    I bought from optimumimports only $14.99 COLD PRESSED
    FROM ARMENIA. Check it out!

  5. reaganunderwood says:

    The trick is this…cleanse your face with HOT water (this opens up the pores and lets products penetrate further). Then PAT your face with a towel, leaving your skin just a little damp. Work the products in using massage motions until the product is diluted and cannot be seen. Adding the “Clear Harmonized Water” helps regain slip to work the product in even more. If you’ve done this right, there should be no residue left. Consistency is KEY! You should give a product 2+ months :)

  6. Pinkerbellx2 says:

    I think you have hit the nail on the head….using the Osmosis I too would imagine it would take awhile of continued use to renew and heal the skin from inside. I have not heard of the Pevonia line. I was looking at the Rosacea care line though. Might have to try! :)

  7. Pinkerbellx2 says:

    Thanks for the tip……I do like this line and feel like I am definitely seeing some good things. The smell is really bad though………when you first put it on and it gets all over my pillow etc. I did find that if I spend more time trying to smooth it around….it does absorb pretty well. I only hope that it makes my capillaries eventually disappear!! :)

  8. reaganunderwood says:

    I am an esthetician in Charlotte, NC & have been working with the Osmosis line for almost a year. I wanted to comment on what you were saying about the treatment serum not rubbing in. You can use the Clear Treatment Water to help regain slip while rubbing in the product. What you forgot to mention is the penetration that Osmosis has. It is certainly reaching below the epidermis & is all natural, so the smell should not matter. If they go adding fragrances & colors, it’s lost its integrity.

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