Rosacea Treatment

Discussion of the five categories of rosacea treatment. In order to fully cure your acne you want to use holistic acne treatments that treat your acne and the cause of your acne at the same time. Your diet and the food that you eat effect how clear your skin is so make sure to eat a healthy nutritious diet. I recommend eating organic fruits & vegetables, seeds and nuts and sprouts and herbs. These will give your body more of the nutrition that it needs to keep your skin clear. Part 2 of the holistic acne treatments series coming tomorrow! Please favorite, like, comment and share! David “The Skin” King PS Subscribe to my channel if you aren’t already!
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  1. RosaceaCreamRevitol says:

    Rosacea is treatable. : Great video.

  2. laraaiam55 says:

    american institute of advanced medicine cured my rosacea in 60 days its has not returned since and its three years later. if you are interested call 877-414-2426 or go to

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  4. gazzila8dora says:

    thak you

  5. Marleneagnes says:


  6. toys4bigboys says:

    thanks a lot.

  7. acneerasingsecrets says:

    yes, that’s the same thing as saying that diet doesn’t effect obesity! same thing.

  8. NovaFur says:

    My doctor told me that diet doesn’t affect acne. Is he just a bad doctor?

  9. MrSuperDuperPooper1 says:

    Make sure you stay away from dairy products.

  10. MrSuperDuperPooper1 says:

    because i always get massive breakouts. Lyk wen my mom makes wallnut cakes i cant resist and have a peice and that really affects my acne drastically.

  11. acneerasingsecrets says:


  12. MrSuperDuperPooper1 says:


  13. smokefromsky says:

    Acne is a seriouse problem based on internal factors.find some information about skin care and get a 100% natural product to solve acne problems.make your suggestions about the subjects you want to know more.visit me at best-natural-skin-care-solutio­

  14. ArniLovesBunnies says:

    Is it okay to take baked/cooked meat,beef,fish or chicken? and i really want to know what i should wash my face with? It gets all oily really soon :( There is no way i can go on without using facewash cause the skin gets really really oily.What should i do? please reply.

  15. acneerasingsecrets says:

    I haven’t heard of that tea, but it sounds interesting so thanks for sharing! Fiberzon helps with both facial and body acne b/c it cleanses the body which can breakout anywhere. There are a few ways to tell if you have a food allergy, one is if you react to food after eating it and another way is if you get tested by a biofeedback test (or CSA test) you can google those.

  16. dmx1650 says:

    @acneerasingsecrets have you herd of the tea by yogi called skin detox and do you think it works. also dose that fiberzon help with body acne besides the face .do you know how to tell if you have a food allergy .

  17. acneerasingsecrets says:

    Bread, pasta and rice are probably what’s causing problems… starches! Check out my other videos about acne and diet to learn more… also watch “Drinking water to clear skin” being hydrated is very important… Your acne could also be cosmetic, being caused by different cosmetic/skin care products… Watch my “recommended acne treatment skin care products” video too… The more videos you watch and implement the quicker your skin will clear up.

  18. LemonZeppelin says:

    I have been vegan for about a month now, eating a variety of fruits and vegetables along with some while grain bread, pasta and rice. My acne is still terrible. Any other suggestions?

  19. kaylapaiam says:

    The American Institute Of Advanced Medicine can help! They have over 25 years experience and over 90% success rate for a varity for skin disorders including cystic acne check out their protocols really work!!

    Their medication is FDA approved with no side effects! ** Not a scam!

  20. acneerasingsecrets says:

    haha… You freakin rock! Thanks for the support.

  21. Lewon1125 says:

    How do you know that he is lying?
    Do you enjoy being a hater?
    try his product and look at yourself in the mirror after few months of hard work
    You will feel very dumb

  22. Lewon1125 says:

    His program heals your entire body thus healing your acne
    Just do his product if you have failed from conventional treatments
    I’ve tried 6 months of Conventional treatment and my skin just got worst yeah it sucked and my derm would just say that my hormone was imbalanced.
    His book is very demanding for those who have unhealthy diet as their habits however take this opportunity to change your habit. It is hard but you won’t regret it!

  23. Lewon1125 says:

    I have been on his program for about a month and a half or about 2 months
    his program will guarantee you a clear skin I swear.
    MY body got out of hand after trying conventional acne treatments but I have healed myself through his program
    You are what you eat, funny how so many derms tell you foods have nothing to do with your acne, bullshit!
    my derm said ladies in my block must watch out when I came to see him with insane break outs on my face. I was about to punch his face haha

  24. acneerasingsecrets says:

    I agree with you, it’s unfortunate but I am thankful for youtube because I can and am helping thousands of people for free and will continue too! Thanks for the comment and support! I really hope you like my vids! :)

  25. acneerasingsecrets says:

    You can see my brother’s hand in the “benzoyl peroxide and accutane” video that I posted a few days ago…

  26. VideoShow416 says:

    what I hate is the fact that almost every dermatologist and all these acne remedy companies and spas take advantage of people by charging them astronomical amounts for treatments. They take advantage of people’s desperation and charge thousands of dollars.

  27. acneerasingsecrets says:

    I have quite a few videos so I don’t know why you would think that I am lying or dishonest but it’s my program and I created it… I will do you one better, I will create a youtube video with my brothers hand so that you can see it on video… anyone can fake a pic but with a video you will see it’s effects firsthand.

  28. lorileeslove says:

    it seems to me, after reading your site, that you did not make this program yourself… whould you mind posting a before picture of your acne, and also, a picture of your brother’s hand from the palm side? lying is not a nice way to hit people’s hearts.

  29. lorileeslove says:

    just curious, how old are you… one of your posts talks about delicious meals… do you cook your own meals??

  30. acneerasingsecrets says:

    very good! looking healthy and natural! good for you! :) I look forward to hearing your results!

  31. snoopyxox says:

    Could you please comment and advise me on the following diet which I will keep to for the next month for my acne:
    Lemons (lemon water in morning)
    cucumber, romaine lettuce, peppers
    swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, kale
    wild salmon, mackerel, organic free range chicken
    brown rice
    brown rice pasta

    Many thanks! :)

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