Rodan + Fields Dermatologists New Direct Selling Work at Home Opportunity

Rodan + Fields Multi-Med skincare therapies for men, women and teens combine over the counter (OTC) medicines with luxurious botanicals, and are clinically proven to change the structure of your skin. We were the #1 clinical brand in fine department stores like Nordstroms when we were owned by Estee Lauder. Our regimens include formulas for sun damage, adult acne and post-acne marks, red irritated skin/rosacea and anti-aging, all without a prescription and for home use. Rodan + Fields is backing this opportunity with a 60 day money back guarantee for business and the RF Connection to support our customers and consultants with on-staff nurse estheticians. The Doctors bought their company back from Estee Lauder, became the first prestige skincare company to move into direct sales and now Doctors Rodan + Fields are inviting YOU to partner with THEM. Our REVERSE regimen is clinically proven to remove age spots and dark patches on the skin caused by sun damage, a major contributor to aging skin. The market for sun damage is approximately TWICE that of acne. Imagine if you had the opportunity to partner with the Doctors 20 years ago with Proactiv? Now is your chance! Visit Read more there, contact me and get your own skincare business started today!

Hey guys! In this video, I talk about how I finally cleared by skin after quitting Proactiv. Please keep in mind, this will not work for everybody — but it definitely worked for me, so if nothing else is clearing your skin, try it out! I LOVE reading your comments, so please comment, rate and subscribe!! Love!! Here’s the video of me talking about going off Proactiv: I am not affiliated in any way with any companies mentioned! I bought all of the products myself, and this is my honest opinion. Why the heck would I make a video LYING about how I cleared my skin??! lol
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  1. GinaGlocksenFan says:

    Benzoyl Peroxide does work for you if you used Proactiv and it worked. That’s the active ingredient.

  2. memoriesin says:

    thank you so much for posting this video, I am on proactiv currently, not even a month, but it has made my skin better so far. I would use your method to go off proactiv, hope i can get off it as soon as possible.
    I used to break out alot when I was high school, then i stopped for a year or 2 then now it came back again, dammit, idk whats wrong with my skin.

  3. vietdude1979 says:

    @DormRoomDivas Will you be my girlfriend? You’re so intelligent and pretty.

  4. spunkytay says:

    Lol benxoyl peroxide never worked for you?? Proactive has BP in it….

  5. jiller777 says:

    @MissLoveAndLight Dont worry about it, its the BP that ur skin gets used to and U have to keep increasing the amount of BP, Heavy layers. I never used their Cleansor or Toner. Just dont use the 3rd step everyday. I ordered Dan Kerns (anceDOTorg) 2.5%BP lotion since u get soo much more for cheaper. Im clear and I just use it at night as part of my night regime for PREVENTION. It disinfects the skin and kills bacteria/acne before it starts.

  6. MissLoveAndLight says:

    But I must stop asap. Just dont know where to start. Scared of looking like more of a freak with bad skin.

  7. MissLoveAndLight says:

    I have BAD acne but with proactiv it is beautiful.. HOWEVER.. A friend a few minutes ago just told me how aweful it is.. People end up with worse skin in years to come.. I am 25 and still I can bet that as soon as I stop proactiv I will break out so bad.. Actually my skin isnt 100% clear.. Man I am worried to stop and use more natural products. :/

  8. MrZAPATA92186 says:


    Hi how long did it take you to clear youre skin after proactiv? I just recently quit 3 months ago after using it for over 6 years. Youre skin looks beautiful by the way

  9. DormRoomDivas says:

    @pllfan221 Probably about 2 months, because I really wanted to do it slowly. But I didn’t fully clear my skin until about a month after I bought the Clean & Clear products. :)

  10. pllfan221 says:

    and how long did it take to fully get off of proactiv?

  11. pllfan221 says:

    im going to try and get off of proactiv, ive been on it for 8 months and i love it, but i guess its really bad for your skin. i am going to switch off routines during the week like you did, but can you tell me how bad your breakouts were when you were doing that? thanks :) this video was really helpful :)

  12. iLanLanneh says:

    I’m so glad you decided to post videos about this! I’ve been on Proactive for the past 2-3 years, and recently realized just how bad it really is for my skin (I literally cried). I abruptly stopped it once before, and my acne was 5x worse than what it was BEFORE I tried this regimen. So now I’m hoping to ween myself off of it as well (sloooooowly!).. I hope it goes well!

    Thanks again for posting this! Definitely cheers me up :)

  13. Shyeemaye says:

    STOPPPP!! Look up saliclic acid its bleaches your skin

  14. DormRoomDivas says:

    @IrockChristina Proactiv actually worked great for my skin. Besides, I didn’t know it was bad FOR my skin until the last year that I used it. And the effects after I stopped using it were what was the worst.

  15. IrockChristina says:

    If Proactiv was so bad, why’d you use it for four years?

  16. msjuliebugs says:

    use should use bio oil on your acne scars :) you can get it at like target or walmart or something but it works realllllyyyyyy well over time :)

  17. liisabbyxD says:

    i like your eyeshadow

  18. MrInsanityHD says:

    awesome video im going to try it i live in canada onatrio mississauga were can i buy that clean and clear toner,cleanser, and mosturizer

  19. xoxoshorteexoxo says:

    proactive did not work for me it made me get all these white bumps all over my face way worse then what i had before I used proactive and once I stoped using it it took forever to get my skin good again I had pimples that would not go away that was in jr high im now 21 and out of school but clean and clear never worked back then but maybe it will now ill give it a try since it is really cheap the only thing I really liked was the morning glow moisturizer

  20. vivandeliza says:

    what does a toner do?

  21. jensilvaaa says:

    i love how pro activ sounds like a drug in this video :) and i will definitely be trying the toner because the clinique one has the same percentage of acne treatment and yet its is sooo much more expensive than clean and clear

  22. DormRoomDivas says:

    @glittergirlxoxo EXACTLY! Sometimes it’s fun to splurge on a couple of things, but most of the time we’ve got to stick to a budget!

  23. glittergirlxoxo says:

    Thanks! I am for sure going to give it a try, that is how much my clinique cleanser has, so if I can find something cheaper that works then I am stoked. lol

    P.S. I really enjoy your video’s, you seem so down to earth and relatable, unlike some of the other guru’s who suggest buying like $50 concealers and all of the college kids that I know don’t have $50 extra bucks to spend on concealer. =D

  24. DormRoomDivas says:

    @glittergirlxoxo Hey girl! It’s 2 percent salicylic acid :D

  25. glittergirlxoxo says:

    How much salicylic acid is in the toner, like on the back of the bottle what percentage does it say?
    I want to try this routine, I am not on proactive…it didn’t work for me when I tried it….but I am using the clinique acne solutions and it’s kinda really

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