Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

Can purchase this at any drugstore and is said to be comparable to the Nars Foundation! Check these reviews out!:)


  1. blackasnight333 says:

    Whats “Acnegenic”? Thats not even a real term. Noncomedogenic means it wont clog your pores/give you acne…

  2. xMyxBlackxFantasyx says:

    Well if you let your skin breath then maybe you wouldn’t have such bad acne and blemishes it just clogs your pores with makeup and oil

  3. jiller777 says:

    The website DOESNT say if this Foundation NON Comogenic or Non acnegenic, which means its NOT…Although I wore this for years w/no breakouts…Im just leart b/cause MAC Studio Zits Broke me out bad ! Loreal Tru Match is all above, and Oil Free, Frag Free, Non Acnegenic and Non Comogenic and has alot of color shades

  4. AnnaTerese1 says:

    My shade was nude 40:)

  5. teenmakeupholic says:

    what shead do you use’

  6. AnnaTerese1 says:

    yupp…a little bit:)

  7. HellYeahhhhhh says:

    You look like asian in a very little part.

  8. greenstar628 says:

    oh haha well to me u look like nikkitutorials lol kindof

  9. AnnaTerese1 says:

    lol uhhh not that I know of hahaha! I don’t have any sisters by the name of Nikki :)

  10. greenstar628 says:

    r u sisters wit nikki?
    cuz u look alike lol

  11. AnnaTerese1 says:

    I would say combination oily…but leaning more towards oily which is why I don’t think it worked that great with my skin:(

  12. MsYogawolf says:

    what’s your skin type?

  13. cosmoJunKieGiRL1233 says:

    try mac pro long wear foundation! its full coverage and lasts like 12 plus hours.

  14. AnnaTerese1 says:

    I will definately have to look into that! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  15. TheEuphoricdysphoria says:

    Try maybelline 24 hour or rimmel 25 hour lasting foundation

  16. AnnaTerese1 says:

    I sure have:) But thanks for the suggestion I forgot to mention that I guess!:/

  17. talk2eunice says:

    have you tried using primer before using this foundation? it might work :)

  18. AnnaTerese1 says:

    @Peacedeuce I think it might be….but I’m not too sure since I don’t have dry skin myself:) However, you probably will have better luck with it! Sorry I know that wasn’t very helpful:(

  19. AnnaTerese1 says:

    I know it was kind of a bummer:(

  20. mexmel says:

    yepp coverage wasnt good

  21. TheBeautyTee says:

    try maybelline 24hr superstay foundation

  22. AnnaTerese1 says:

    haha it’s like we’re meant to be foundation buddies! I do like it it’s my favorite to be worn by itself! I haven’t noticed it drying my face, however, sometimes it will feel dry when its on…but doesn’t dry out my actual skin, if that makes any sense at all lol!

  23. xXRinziXx says:

    Sounds like we look for the same things in a foundation. We both favor the Revlon Color Stay- it’s amazing! I always got complements on my skin when i wore it. :) I tried this exact foundation, but in ivory. It wore off incredibly fast and my face didn’t just give a dewy finish – but oily. I constantly keep powder in my pocket and I look like I’ve been though the mill by noon. lol Have you had a problem with the color stay drying your face out?

  24. AnnaTerese1 says:

    For Neutrogena I use Nude and for Revlon Colorstay I use it in the color sand beige….the Revlon is actually a little darker than the nude :)
    Hope that helps

  25. cradhome says:

    What color Neutrogena & Revelon foundation did you use? It matches you perfectly and we are the same skin tone. thanks! <3

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