Retin-A & Doxycycline Diary Week 16

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  1. lobo11141 says:

    I see different. Watch week 3 again

  2. bubblingbolster says:

    @Ameranth92 i’m not sure. if you’re talking about acne scars, continuous use of the retin-a will help to lighten the scars.

  3. Ameranth92 says:

    how do you get rid of the red marks after the acne? o_o

  4. MiuMiuParisianGirl says:

    @bubblingbolster Thank you for your advice!

  5. bubblingbolster says:

    @foshizol oh my gudness! u are right! it HAS improved so much!!! the scarring has dramatically reduced!!

  6. foshizol says:

    I’ve just watched your 4th week video then I watched this one. I’m telling you it is working pretty well.

  7. edzcuty says:

    has not been improving?but its really work to your skin…and you look so amazing now!

  8. bubblingbolster says:

    @BunnyHanyou up till today, i’ve been on it for 22 weeks :)

  9. BunnyHanyou says:

    How long did you take doxycycline for?

  10. bubblingbolster says:

    @MiuMiuParisianGirl sorry i’m not sure where you can find it in france! you might want to see a skin doctor and ask him specifically for retin-a/stieva-a/tretinoin cream. i think it should work with all skin types, but i’m not so sure….you might want to ask the doctor that too!

  11. MiuMiuParisianGirl says:

    Hi! I watch your videos. You got very good results with your products. I am using doxycycline. This my 1st day using doxycycline. What is retin A? I live France. Can I found it in France? If i can’t, where i can buy retin-A please? Retin-A works with every skin (black skin, white skin etc)? Thank you !

  12. Adiamondzz11 says:

    WOW! Huge difference from diary week 3

  13. fuckhypebeast says:

    Are you using anything else besides the Retin-A and Doxycycline?

  14. bubblingbolster says:

    @SuzanneZajicova oh!! i’m using a facial wash with salicylic acid in it. seems pretty alright! my BP face wash is way too harsh cuz it has exfoliating beads so it’s abit much (the pro-activ one) to use together with the retin-a. too harsh. so glad that the retin-a is working wonderfully for you :)

  15. SuzanneZajicova says:

    I’ve been using retin a for maybe 4 or 5 months now, I’m not experiencing many tiny little bumps and I think what helps it tremendously is my benzyl peroxide wash (using benzyl peroxide cream was pretty futile) I think its much more effective in wash form. I also use a chemical peel and a soothing mask after a shower or sometimes when I wake up which i know is very helpful with improving my skin texture. But retin a for the most part is the reason why my skin is 10 times better in texture

  16. bubblingbolster says:

    @diddlysquat1993 thanks :D

  17. bubblingbolster says:

    @harkamalgarg haha no, i have not, but i’m just happy to have found a solution :D 

  18. bubblingbolster says:

    @NonStochastic Hey! So happy to hear from a Singaporean!! :D oh dear!! i hope your skin is ok… and i’m glad that my videos have been of help in your journey! all the best to you!

  19. bubblingbolster says:

    2) i wait for a minimum of 20-30mins before applying the retin-a, because you should only apply it when your face is completely dry of any moisture/water. i have stopped using toner, moisturizer and benzoyl peroxide, because i find it too troublesome and too much products.

    hang in there. i’ve had acne since i was 10, absolutely NOTHING worked….except for clearasil ultra and retin-a…..thank God! all the best dear!

  20. bubblingbolster says:

    1) using makeup to hide your acne is basically a cycle that perpetuates acne. if you put makeup to hide it, more will come, so you’ll have to put more to hide it. i strongly advice you not to wear makeup unless you have to for a special occasion like a wedding/big event!

    2) in the morning, i wash my face and dry it, then if it’s a sunny day and i’m going out, i’ll put sunscreen to protect my face. when i get home at night, i wash my face the 2nd time during my bath.

  21. bubblingbolster says:

    @ayuwhizzgirlz hi!

    1) no i don’t use any power/foundation/ skin makeup, at most i’ll use eye or lip makeup but strictly no skin makeup! i only put sunscreen because retin-a makes your skin extra sensitive to the sun. i find that foundation and concealer aggravates my acne because they just clog my pores and cause more new pimples. before i started on this regimen, my acne was worsened due to the fact that i was wearing concealer and foundation everyday, all the time, trying to hide my acne. 

  22. diddlysquat1993 says:

    You look gooooood!

  23. harkamalgarg says:

    I am looking forward to your next video. I am on week 13 and also getting the little tiny bumps mostly on right cheek and chin. Have you figured out what was causing yours? You face looks so much better! You have encouraged me to not give up on RA

  24. harkamalgarg says:

    I am looking forward to your next video. I am on week 13 and also getting the little tiny bumps mostly on right cheek and chin. Have you figured out what was causing yours? You face looks so much better! You have encouraged me to not give up…

  25. NonStochastic says:

    Hi my fellow singaporean. I’m an acne sufferer as well and was on minocycline a few months back but stopped upon realising I was allergic to it when i broke out in horrible hives and had to be hospitalised for a week. And then I switched to differin and experienced the horrible purging effects and all..Anw, I’ve to say, I find your videos very inspiring and you’re awfully brave. I don’t feel so alone in my struggle against acne when I witness your undaunted fighting spirit. Rock on! :)

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