Q&A: What’s your favorite song ?

Question by : What’s your favorite song ?
I’m song bi polar, it means I get a new favorite song every week. This week is Chicago by Sufjan Stevens. If you haven’t heard it i would suggest it cos it’s fricken awesome! Last week was Fidelity by Regina spektor. It’s that song that comes out in the new estee lauder commercial. Whats your favorite song? And your favorite song before that :)

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Answer by pfcgarcia
Cage – Ballad of Worms http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NSirMeeX3g&feature=related

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  1. cantilena91 says:

    Non-classical: Water Shows The Hidden Heart by Enya
    Classical: Miserere by Gregorio Allegri

    Have been my faves for years!

  2. Bored.......... says:

    my favorite song at the moment is “little miss naughty” by scouting for girls…and before that was no love by eminem and lil wayne, before that was f*ckin perfect by p!nk….i get a new fave song almost daily!!! everytime i hear a new song that i like, it becomes my fave. its kinda annoying coz i got no more room left on my ipod either lol

  3. E.C says:

    Favourite song would be mutual friend by Neil Hannon/Divine Comedy and the one before that would be Timshell or The Cave by Mumford and Sons

  4. instantlypoetic says:

    Aye Fidelity is really good Regina Spektor has some great songs though, I like that song The Call from the last Narnia movie, really emotional.

    Fav Song at the moment and for a long time

    Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead

  5. Deadbeat Holiday! says:

    well, my fav song changes every week to, but my favs would be
    by Green Day: 2000 light years away, road to acceptance, at the library, who wrote holden caufeild, castaway, deadbeat holiday, blood sex and booze, hold on, 86, no pride, basket case, when i come around, she, pulling teeth, redundant, macy’s day parade, poprocks and coke, minority, jesus of suburbia, give me Novocaine, letterbomb, whatsername, murder city, 21st century breakdown and before the lobotomy

    by others: lips of an angel – hinder, broken hearts parade – good charlotte, get shaky – ian carey project, hey ya – outkast, let it be – The Beatles / paul McCartney,

    um, they’re all the ones i can think of right now.

  6. DogLionCute says:

    Well, now my favorite song is Jeff Buckley ‘Hallelujah’.

  7. soiherduz says:

    Do you want a taco? – psychostick

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