Q&A: Skin Irritant to Arbonne, anyone else?

Question by Krys: Skin Irritant to Arbonne, anyone else?
After using the Clear Advantage line and having bad experience a year ago with it (severely drying out my face to the point that it hurt and left dry lines in my skin). I am giving the brand another shot, after trying a few other brands.

My skin is oily yet sensitive with enlarged pores, redness and blackheads.

The past 3 weeks I started using Arbonne and this week I have noticed red bumps/pimples all over my face.

I have been using the NutriminC Hydrating Wash (Evening), Scrub, Mist, Clear Advantage Lotion (as spot treatment), FC5 Cleanser (before going out), and FC5 SPF moist.

Should take something out? Has anyone else had issues like this with Arbonne?

Might just go back to my old skincare line of Mary Cohr but the Spa I work for is discontinuing the line.

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Answer by Linda
Hi. I am an Arbonne consultant and I am surprised you are having these results. Before you move to another product, please make sure you are using whatever you are trying at least 2 weeks because (1) in the beginning the holistic products can purge your skin from toxins in your skin, causing sensitive and breakouts and (2) it may take 2 weeks for the product to give results. I do hope Arbonne works for you and I wish you luck overall :-D

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