Q&A: Recommended Vitamin Daily Intakes?

Question by Santa Klaus: Recommended Vitamin Daily Intakes?
Hello! I decided to start the New Year by increasing my daily amount of vitamins, and went to Wall Mart and bought three kinds of vitamin B (B-complex, B6, and B12). Knowing that I am already taking one multi vitamin daily and after reading the labels on the bottle it said they are for Energy Metabolism. Since I am working out and want to increase my metabolism (I eat a little bit more and gain weight), I decided to just go ahead and buy these pills. But I do not want to Over Dose myself. So, I would like to know what does it mean the search I did in the internet. See numbers below:
Age Recommended Allowance
25-50 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12
mg mcg
Males 2.0 3.0/2.0

(B-complex) = 30 µg Biotin in food and as a supplement No information found

(B-complex) = 400 µg Folate in food and as a supplement Doses larger than 400 µg may cause anaemia and may mask symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency

B6=Doses larger than 100 mg may cause numbness and tingling in hands and feet

B12= Doses larger than 3000 µg may cause eye conditions

B Complex = Doses larger than 400 µg may cause anemia and may mask symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency

And whats the difference btwn Folate and Biotin B-Complex?

Could someone, please, advise me how much should I take. For further info, the label states for each pill: (B6=100mg), B12 (1000mcg), B-Complex.

I thank you in advance for clarifying it and Happy 2010 to everyone.
Thanks, but can I take all three Bs I bought (B6,B12,Bcomplex) plus the multivitamin? The man at the counter in the pharmacy told me the dosages in these bottles are very little, but I have not explained to him what I was planning to do, maybe cos I was not sure if he was a real pharmacist! Any clues?

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Answer by Dave87gn
most multivitamins dont have high doses to start with, I suspect its your case with a walmart vitamin
so you can take the multi with the b-complex…
I would take the multi b-complex. Omega-3s , 1000mg of C and 400iu of E daily

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  1. Carissa[: says:

    Um just take a regular viatmin pill.

  2. Mathieu says:

    If you take a regular multivitamin it should indicate how much B Vitamins it has and there should be around 100%. And most B vitamins are normally used by another name, particularly on vitamin bottles. Niacin is, for example, B3.

    And mcg is the same as µg, they mean microgram. µg is the more proper use.

    Folate is the naturally occurring version of Folic acid (aka vitamin B9). A vitamin B complex normally has all 8 vitamin B’s including folic acid.

    Most normal multivitamins already have 100 mg of B6 and around 6 mcg of B12, which is 100% of your daily need. And you really should not take more B6 if you take a multivitamin. The whole point of a multivitamin is to get many things at one time. It is not normally meant for people to take a multivitamin and just add on random extras without seeing a doctor. And a B complex has so many things and they are already in a multivitamin that you could not only be taking doses that are too high for one vitamin but for a bunch so it is a really bad idea to use because they really can cause problems in excess.

    It is good you want to be more active and healthy but a normal multivitamin is all you need at most unless you have a genuine deficiency. Some of these vitamins have hundreds, even thousands of times more than you need. And the reality is that aside from a few exceptions taking vast amounts more than needed does not do anything and can harm you. Two Aspirin is safe and it will probably help and headache but taking 1,000 times more than the two pills could kill me or you.

    And the B complex bottle might have said things about more energy and better metabolizing but there is really no evidence to back that up. Makers of supplements can put anything on a label but none of what is said is an approved use, it has not been evaluated for a specific use, in America adds for Vitamins might say “energy booster” in bold letters but there will be small print that basically says it has not been proven, especially in vast doses.

    I am not a person who thinks all vitamins and supplements are junk but many are and most have little or no credible studies and evidence to back it up. Just stick to the multivitamin, see your doctor and ask what else you can safely take and if it is worth it. Don’t buy into the big bold print that says something too good to be true. Drug companies might not be the most moral sometimes and put profit over honestly but so do supplement makers. At least drug companies have to prove they drugs are fairly safe and effective.

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