Q&A: Is Proactiv, Murad Acne Complex or Obagi Nu-Derm Better?

Question by traumadocuop: Is Proactiv, Murad Acne Complex or Obagi Nu-Derm Better?
Hello. I am a 23 year old woman and i have mild acne. My problem as of right now is post acne scars/marks. I also have a fairly light complexion, yet it seems like my skin doesn’t glow anymore like it used to. I lost my radiance. I am pakistani-american.

Out of the three, Proactiv, Murad Acne Complex and Obagi Nu-Derm, which one is better?

Have any of you guys tried any of them? How much is it? Also, once you start do you have to keep on using it? How fast do you get results?


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Answer by aiemzee
Tried Proactive and Acne Free (Acne Free is a brand you will find at walmart/walgreens). I’ve never had severe acne, just a little here and there, but Acne Free was just as good, less expensive (about $ 17?) and I didn’t to sign up for a monthly membership or anything. Results in about a week?

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  1. A S says:

    I had success with ProActiv and ClearPores. I used in conjunction with dermabrasion. Dermabrasion costs between $ 80-1300/area depending on how large the area is.

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