Q&A: I am 25 years old !! are olay products good?

Question by (rocker)*!!!: I am 25 years old !! are olay products good?
and i use olay creams on my face my face is normal just trying to prevent wrinkles and dark circles under eyes in the morning i apply under my eyes olay total effects eye transforming cream then i apply olay total effects 7 in 7 anti aging it has spf 15 and night i apply eye transforming crean again and then olay age defying intensive nourishing night cream i was wondering if u guys believe these are good creams? for my age what feed back do u guys have for olay products?

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Answer by SandraaCatastrophee.
Yes .

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  1. sunmoonstar says:

    I think their products are great. and they have been around forever!

  2. Charlotte says:

    No need to worry girl I use olay and it is great!

  3. Beatles says:

    yes Ive Olay cream cleanser, acne cleanser, Olay serums
    are amazing super affordable compare to Estee lauder,
    Lancome and Clarins Olay is winner in Quality and price.

    this made my skin soft , plumped and it really help to preserve skin tone and collagen.

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