Q&A: hair problem!!!!! hair breakage?

Question by dl: hair problem!!!!! hair breakage?
When I run my hands through my hair little pieces break off. My stylist said that this was due to using cheap products such as sunsilk. She said that it caused wax to buildup in my hair. She suggested Nioxin as a cleanser. Anyone else have any suggestions? I have frizzy, poofy thick hair.

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Answer by Leilaniā„¢
I dont think it’s the “cheap” products you use. Do you style your hair a lot and use a lot of hot tools such as flat irons? If so than it is prolly damage from tools. You need a hot oil treatment and a homemade mask- this will nourish your hair and it will strengten it from breakage. I reccommend garnier hair masque or use half an avocado mix with egg whites. This works well and avocados are in a lot fo high end hair products.

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  1. vikki_33427 says:

    your stylist is right
    and your hair is dry. frizz happens when your hair tries to get moisture out of the air
    use some moisturizing products. and defrizz serum. dont let it air dry unless you put stuff in it to stop the frizz i like paul mitchell and matrix. i have thick hair too. its layered so its easier to style.

  2. scb_94 says:

    Do you dye your hair? That can cause lots of issues depending on where you go and how many times you dye.
    Also if you straighten your hair EVERY day thats a NO no and severly damaging. I prefer for your shampoo that you use pantene or herbal eccense. Very nice shampoos or switch to a salon one.

    All in all just treat your hair nicely… dont brush it to much and maybe to help with the frizzyness get a hair cut?? Your hair sounds thick. It should be thined out

  3. iesha l says:

    yup all thise cheap products like pantene sunsilk suave and vo5 are very bad for the hair the wax is good for a couple of usesbut after a while theyll clog up the pores which causes hair shed and no hair growth.
    u need to switch up the hair washing routine
    if you dont then ur hair will get used to it.
    what ever u have been using
    which is bad.
    because all the shampoo and conditoner does is give give give ur hair more waxes because its the same product u kept using
    and in other situations
    itll break off like urs did.
    try something like aphogee anti breakge defense it purple and white.
    the shampoo and conditioner.itll defenitly stop all the hair breakage.=$ 8 at local beauty store
    and use
    something like neutrogena shampoo and conditoner=$ 12 at ur local drug store
    use a repairing serum like neutrogena triple mouisture serum=$ 8 local drug store
    shedding is okay
    any healthy human being loses about 100 strands of hair a day.
    but brakage is when the hairs are short but its healthy when the long hairs come out instead of little pieces

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