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Question by : Greasy makeup help?!?
I have recently purchased Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation because I thought it would be perfect for my skin because I need coverage for my spots and I don’t like to reapply makeup during the day. So I bought and wore it when I was going to school… during the day I can feel my makeup greasy and when I went home I was right, my makeup looked oily and horrible! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!? I’ve read tons of reviews on this makeup and people with oily skin says it stays put and doesn;t go oily. It may stay put but it does go shiny and feels uncomfortable!

All I do in the morning is wipe my face with a face wipe, then do my foundation… I take a foundation brush and wet it a little because its easier to blend the foundation then I apply the makeup. It doesn’t sound so bad? but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!!

Help please

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Answer by caramel
I dont know how old you are.. but if you’re a younger person your skin tends to be more greasy and this is normal as it is natural oils so nothing to worry about. However you may want to wear less make up or use powder make up.You’re right by not reapplying it as this would probably make it worse.
You can also get good tablets for the skin which may help.. one i use is called ‘Evening Primrose Oil’ and a lot of people swear by this, you can probably get it in your local health shop

Good luck!

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