Q&A: Do Julianne Hough and Avril Lavgne REALLY use Proactiv?

Question by GC: Do Julianne Hough and Avril Lavgne REALLY use Proactiv?
I just saw a new infomercial on Proactiv and Julianne Hough and Avril Lavgne claim to use it. Their skin looked so flawless on the commercial!! I realize they did have a little makeup on too, but still.

Does anyone know if they ACTUALLY use the product? I think a few of the celebrities who endorse it do not actually use it themselves as they claim, but I am really curious about these two.

Anyone know??

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Answer by Bob
I’m sure they use something… I hear celebs have big acne problems with all the makeup they wear, and the hot lights shining on them making them sweat… i can’t tell you for sure that they use proactiv, but I’m sure they have been to a dermatologist…

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  1. Taylor says:

    I have no idea. I doubt either of them have ever given a public statement claiming what face wash they use…I guess it’s possible.

  2. pom.pom26 says:

    No. This article will give you more info. It’s about whether or not celebrities who endorse acne products like Proactiv, SkinID and Sensiclear really use them.

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