Q&A: AVEDA school or our Community College beauty school?

Question by CoCkRoAcH: AVEDA school or our Community College beauty school?
is it really worth paying 15,000 for the aveda schools then just 1,000 at the community college.. there both just teaching the basic knowledge of what you need to pass the state board exam anyway…everyone has told me you learn more once your out of school and working at a salon…..or would i just be better off doing an aprenticship at a high end salon??

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Answer by Michigan
Well, in the aveda school you are going to only be working with aveda products. I’d go with aveda because of the job security, You could always work at an aveda salon y’know, job placement.

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  1. Saiyuki_Anyone? says:

    That is quite pricey! You will learn the EXACT same things (minus the Aveda products) at your local adult vocational school. Why start off your career with such a large financial debt!!!

  2. Jill Elizabeth says:

    Do you plan on working at an Aveda salon after beauty school? I’ve found that’s the only situation where your school makes a huge difference. One of the worst hairstylists I know went to Toni & Guy, and one of the best I know went to EVIT, a program where she did beauty school and high school at the same time. I don’t think it makes a huge difference where you go for your basic schooling. It’s absolutely true that the bulk of your knowledge comes from work experience after beauty school. If you plan on working at a high-end salon after you’re licensed, make that contact while you’re still in school – see about being a receptionist, perhaps. At the very least let them know you’re interested. If you’re enthusiastic and show some promise, they won’t care where you go to school.
    Best of luck. Beauty school is a trip :)

  3. Blake says:

    Neither Beauty schools are a Money sink and pointless..

    I say we just give evreyone Buzz cuts. shiz is rediculous.. who wastes there money on it?!


    just dont put it on ur husbands credit card.. if i was him id be pissed.

  4. Lindsey ♥ [Anti-Scene] says:

    My mom says it’s worth going to the Aveda school…If your school is teaching just the basics, Then you should go to a different school, because they should be teaching much, much more….And it’s harder to pass boards if your doing a apprenticship.

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