Q&A: Are OWN acne products worth using?

Question by Justin P.: Are OWN acne products worth using?
I am having a really hard time searching all over the internet for reviews on this “new” acne product. I got a 30 day free trial from them and I have been using the stuff for about 3 days now and I do see some improvement and I do know acne meds usually take up to a week or two to show a dramatic change. I ask this question because if it is worth buying it every month, then I plan on doing so for as long as I need it. Its like the same price as proactive, which I think is reasonable and not outrageous like some of the other acne products out there that go for like $ 100+ a month.

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Answer by Dianna Lopez
well they somtimes work but if u dont want to spend the money u can just try rubbing some toothpaste and yur acne or pimples the tooth past cleans it and if u tryed it already did u keep it on long enough

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