Q&A: Arbonne Products, Have To Buy Some, Any Suggestions?

Question by : Arbonne Products, Have To Buy Some, Any Suggestions?
A friend of mine is holding an Arbonne party at her home tonight. I have been to several of them as of late and have run out of things I am interested in buying. Any suggestions? What products do you like, if you use them?

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Answer by Busy Mommy of 2 (Expecting #3)
I love the tinted moisturizer, it light and really moisturizes. I am not big on foundation so this is a good replacement. I also love all the baby products especially the Diaper Rash Cream, works better than anything I have ever used! Hope this helps!

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  1. ~~ Angie~~ says:

    How about the new fc5 kin care line! it awesome!!!!! I love it!

  2. breakfastissexy says:

    I like the new chocolate protein shake with flax seed, as well as the new tasteless fiber powder. I combine both with some skim milk, a banana and ice and blend them- its a reallllly yummy shake that keeps me healthier!

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