Product Review: Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub

Review about Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. Plus an alternative to cleansing the face with hands if harsh scrubs irritate your skin. twitter:
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  1. 420demon97 says:

    my dick your face please

  2. yunarikku2723 says:

    you look a lot like that girl from Rizzoli and Isles

  3. LashChronicles says:

    @JustinBieber4496oxo I agree with the other commenter, you may have had an allergic reaction. Some people can use certain products while others cannot. However, if this is the first time you’ve ever used an abrasive scrub on your skin, or you have never used salicylic acid, you may also just be very sensitive to it because you are introducing new ingredients into your skincare routine. If you do try to use it again and you continue to have problems you may want to try a more sensitive product.

  4. anniemcgrathpetra says:

    @JustinBieber4496oxo. you probably had an allergic reaction..

  5. JustinBieber4496oxo says:

    I just used this and now my cheeks and the side of my nose sting! Is that normal? I washed my face gently.

  6. MacSpot4Ever says:

    @LashChronicles hahahahah. can u please do a fave skincare products video?

  7. LashChronicles says:

    @MacSpot4Ever I have a hard time with my skin! I totally feel your pain lol. I’m glad this works for you too. Thanks again for commenting! :)

  8. MacSpot4Ever says:

    @LashChronicles my skin is basically the exact same way hahahha

  9. MacSpot4Ever says:

    @LashChronicles it is legit the bestttt acne product i have ever used

  10. LashChronicles says:

    @Bambi95Simba Thanks for sharing the tips and comments! :)

  11. Bambi95Simba says:

    The instruction says to add water to it. So after I squeeze out some on my hand I pour some water on it then rub it into my face. I’m just saying because many people complain about this scrub being too rough, but I didn’t have any problems with that because I added the water.

  12. NunziosiPhone says:

    Ive been using this for just under a week and I just got some new littles pimples. Is this normal?

  13. LashChronicles says:

    @MzKrispyCreme Thank you :)

  14. MzKrispyCreme says:

    I love how you reply to your viewers when they have a question.

  15. Philawockeez says:

    nice video, i bought it, so nice, it burns but in like a cold freezin way… so amazing.

  16. LashChronicles says:

    @potatogal97 I wanted to double check the bottle I have, and the product information on the Neutrogena website. Although it is oil free I do not believe this product is non-comedogenic. Usually Neutrogena will list this type of information on the site and the package if the product is, but this one mentions nothing about it.

  17. potatogal97 says:

    Okay, I was just wondering… is it non-comedogenic? Because my dermatologist said I should use non-comedogenic cleansers since my face is oily.

  18. LashChronicles says:

    @freeacnemedication Thanks for your comments! :)

  19. freeacnemedication says:

    Thank you

  20. LashChronicles says:

    @bluelink8 I just wash my entire face with it (avoiding my eyes) and by the time I am through working my way around I wash it off. I dont normally let it set any longer than it takes to wash my full face. :)

  21. bluelink8 says:

    @LashChronicles thanks.. and one more question once you start using in ur face for how many minutes u need to wait for wash ur face again?

  22. LashChronicles says:

    @bluelink8 The scrub refreshes and cleans your skin. No holes! :) It also helps smooth out rough skin over time. Thanks for commenting! :)

  23. bluelink8 says:

    is this thing makes ur face with little wholes?

  24. LashChronicles says:

    @TheRealJayManz Thank you! :)

  25. TheRealJayManz says:

    I have complicated skin lol…I have Season Changing Combination Skin…thats what my dermatologist said…My skin is SUPER OILY in the summer, SUPER DRY in the winter…regular comination in the spring and normal in the fall..ya complicated! I loved your review!

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