Proactive Refining Mask!!!!


  1. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @thismissdazzlelight while calling you a tard was incorrect of the previous person. It does say you can apply it all over your face. Please don’t be rude and call someone a dumbass. I will block you.

  2. themissdazzlelight says:

    no it dosnt dumb ass!!!! dont you dare call me a tard what are we in 2nd grade here!!!!

  3. haleyy713 says:

    @themissdazzlelight yes you are. it says it on the back, tard.

  4. themissdazzlelight says:

    your not suppose to put the refineing mask all over!!!!!

  5. Jdsani9 says:

    Does it really works?????

  6. Mika28Pika says:

    You put it all over ur face and keep it there for 10-15 min. Or u can splot it onto ur zits and leave it overnight.

  7. EmLovessYuu says:

    I like how I’m wearing the mask right now..

  8. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @Chaoticwhispers13 it’s called a MASK for a reason it can be used as a spot treatment too

  9. ChaoticWhispers13 says:

    i dont think your suppose to put it over your whole face…

  10. TheWIGGLELOVER says:

    lol i so do that when i sneeze to !!!!!!!

  11. johootly says:

    im watching this with it on hahahaha

  12. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @chickluvethan ye i have it not very good

  13. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @westiewhippet Thank you:)

  14. westiewhippet says:

    hahaha your so cute on your video…

  15. chickluvethan says:

    @LalalalalaLaurafulll A i’ve been using it for a week but it works really slowly …. Never mind, at least it’s improved . Btw have you tried the 3 step system ?

  16. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @jbieber27 yupyup

  17. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @emoskater963 ….?

  18. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @chickluvethan TRUST ME IT WORKS!!!! and dont be so hard on yourself

  19. jbieber27 says:

    would the mask still work if you use a different type of wash? i use acnefree but i just got the mask… will it skill work???

  20. emoskater963 says:

    Huh waste of time I use proactive and my skin loks perfect well urea always been this way I drink a kit of water and work out besides junk food is nothing but trash

  21. chickluvethan says:

    I just bought the 3 step system but i dont know if i should use it because many people say it doesn’t work for them . BUt I think I’ll try the Refining Mask first cause my face is seriously disgusting now , especially my cheeks . I never had break outs before so i guess now it’s finally my turn :( )

  22. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @LadyBeex3 i wear both, however mostly i wear it as a mask

  23. cyruspanget says:

    @LalalalalaLaurafulll hahaha. anyway. can we be friends? :) haha

  24. LalalalalaLaurafulll says:

    @cyruspanget hahhaa oh i seee!!!!

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