Prescription products for wrinkles at 25?

Question by JKH: Prescription products for wrinkles at 25?
I am 25 and just started noticing the appearance of first wrinkles around my nose. My best friend recomender paying a visit to a dermatologist about this problem. She said that she had they same problem recently and she was prescribe a product from SkinCeuticals, does anyone know anything about this anti-wrinkle product line?

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Answer by Lori G
I don’t know anthing about this particular line, but beware of any dermatologist who want to sell you products out of his office!

There are lots of prescription products for aging and fine wrinkles. The best ones contain retinoic acid. These are available over-the-counter too, but in weaker concentrations. Prescription brand names: Retin-A, Renova, etc. Expensive, but worth it (I use Renova, $ 160 for a tube but lasted me almost two years with daily use).

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