Perfect Skin Foundation Routine for acne using Bare Minerals

My Foundation Routine using BareMinerals foundation for a perfect complexion. This is how I cover up my acne, scaring, redness and any other blemishes on my face. I hope you are shocked but also enjoyed watching this video! Products I used: Purely Nourishing Moisturizer by BE Prime Time Primer by BE Well-Rested Concealer by BE Original Foundation (Med. Beige) by BE Citrine Radiance by BE illuminating Mineral Veil by BE BE stands for Bare Escentuals
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  1. misscodyful says:

    LMAOOOO! “You don’t want to look like Rudolph”

  2. gabyq921 says:

    Beautiful. Awesome job!

  3. HELLOKiTTYx101 says:

    OMFG that concealer did wonders! I have dry skin but i really am considering giving bare minerals a shot because you convinced me. THANKYOU :D

  4. 8865552 says:

    make more videos! I subbed!

  5. mimeredith says:

    oh my god I NEVER thought bare minerals could work that way. I have to check out that concealer. I have weirdly dry/flaky skin too- but still breakout. amaaaaazing/fierce etc.

  6. Truth987Seeker says:

    Fritz, you have beautiful eyes, and a cute-personality to match.

  7. SexAppealBrunette18 says:

    OMG ! Your video really helped me Honey !!
    Love you <3

  8. iamLurkn says:

    I got it too, & I deal with judgemental pricks everyday…but as long as you remain strong & know what you have to offer & love yourself, it doesn’t matter what they say! Cus they know beneath those blemishes, you look better than they do…straight up! Thats why they make those attempt to keep you down! But fuck them bitches!

  9. giseleayora609 says:

    So happy i found ya! You are so beautiful<3 Love this video! I def want to try bareminerals! you look flawlesss

  10. bronzebeautyxoxo says:

    im so going to try bare minerals i have alot of acne scars …thank you!!! btw mabe waxing wouldnt break you out as bad …not sure though just a thought

  11. kimmynute says:

    My mom says youre really good looking!
    You look like youre fun to hang out with.

  12. beautytlc says:

    Ahhh so happy you did this video!
    Been dying to know your foundation routine! That concealer covers SO well to be a powder concealer! Watching this is so better then watching those long ass bare minerals commercials lol Im going to find my color this wknd b/c of you!

  13. Catswithstyle says:

    bare minerals all the way<33333

  14. divalizzous says:

    So what if I just used only moisterizer and not a primer, will there be a major diff or what about the other way around?

  15. luvpu92 says:

    I just stumbled upon this video. I love this.

  16. luciabarstow says:

    well rested that is what it is..awesome job!!

  17. luciabarstow says:

    your lips..damn look good thumbs up!!!

  18. luciabarstow says:

    u r so fun!!!i

  19. luciabarstow says:

    oo0h thank you sso much 4 showing me this…no one gives bare essentials credit..ooh thnks u look incredible at the end great job i am definitely going to get that concealer!!! awesome job

  20. YanaBoop says:

    really amazing job!!!!! love it))

  21. AxelOmar5 says:

    I loveeeee it and youre nice!

  22. wamouse says:

    Man, that concealer is amazing! I’m getting me some of that, LOL.

    And you are awesome. I love how proud you are, and you have good reason to be. I can tell you’re Southern and I know it’s not the most accepting place to live. I admire you for going out there and being who you are, no matter what people might say. You’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work, Fritz!

  23. Cookiemonster0924 says:

    That is amazing!

  24. 3diamonds1 says:

    Fearce just fearce

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