Olay – Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Review

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  1. TheShabreen says:

    i have adult acne too ): what bc’s do you use? Ive been looking into yaz, but have heard horror stories..thanks for your  video. you’re freakin gorgeous!!!

  2. alliquack says:

    just curious what kind of moisturizer you use with this? Thanks for the review!

  3. kaymelmakeup says:

    What color do you use for your hair? :)  so nice.

  4. stinasuga says:

    Oh gosh I don’t remember. Let me look it up and get back to you! I know It was a demi from Sallys and I’m pretty sure it was Loreal!

  5. stinasuga says:

    Hey sorry about the long wait for a response! I’m in the process of moving so I’ve been busy getting myself together etc! I use whatever cleanser I have now that I used the sample they get me up! It’s easy just put your favourite cleaners on it and you are set! Just a little suggestion. Make sure to clean out the bristles well or you may get build-up depending on the consistency of the product!


  6. scarlettfire39 says:

    What color is your hair! It is beautiful!

  7. habbobeyond says:

    I was thinking of buying this and I’m glad you live in Canada! I wasn’t sure if they sold it at Shoppers and I wanted to double check =) great review

  8. stinasuga says:

    awww! Thank you so so much! I actually do have acne but with extra care and a prescription of BC it has cleared up a ton! I was using the sample they gave me, but now I have been using the Clean and Clear 3 in 1 foaming acne wash! I’m liking it, feels like a bubble bath on your face haha. I really appreciate your comment! If you ever have any requests message me!! Lots of Love!

  9. seyness1 says:

    omg u have acne ur so so so beautful,i cant even see ur acne,,what do u use with the pro-z???

  10. MillsEJM says:

    what camera do u use the video quality is amazing??!!

  11. stinasuga says:

    Sorry lady it totally doesn’t. I forgot to mention you can buy extra heads for I think $10 each?

  12. MissLav20 says:

    I thought it came with a extra brush head!

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