Been so busy and l do apologise but here is an update for you guys on the Obagi nu derm system any questions do not hesitate to ask and l will try and help the best l can.Have a lovely blessed week and please do take care xx


  1. mazviebabie says:

    @l8angel l am using the system as it’s prescribed and the Clear is used twice a day l do follow some advice on certain skincare boards but at times what works for someone may not work for the next person that’s why l always say the best person to ask is your derm/doc…l can understand your worry but l will not give you any advice on that issue bcz l might say the wrong thing so if you are´╗┐ considering Obagi book yourself for a consultation with a professional hope this helps thanx for watching x

  2. l8angel says:

    I’m really concerned about the skin on my face ending up a shade or 2 lighter than the rest of me. I’m a darker skinned black woman. I seen on the boards that black skin should only apply the Clear´╗┐ once a day. Are you using it once or twice?

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