neutrogena skin ID help?

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i want to purchase some of the neutrogena skin id product but it kinda seems expensive. (well for my mom) to purchase it it costs about $ 29.55 . i have exactly $ 23.00 and can pay for some of the product but i want to ask my mom if she can help pay for the product . how do i ask? she doesn`t mind buying stuff online it`s just she doesn`t think i have acne which i knw i do. how do i convince her to pay for some of it? by the way does anyone have a promo code i can use or knw where i can get one? thx. :)

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tell her you feel self consious ith your acne. she only has to pay about 6 dollars, so tell her that u will pay for most of it if she pays 6 bucks! she will be impressed that you are willing to use some of your money, and she may even offer to pay for the whole thing.

if she does not agree to pay at all, then ask a family memeber if they can get it for you for a present. also, if you got 100% on a test or you made the school team, then ask your parents to give you the left over money to pay for the acne product as a reward for your successful act.

still if one of the above work, make your own money. if your parets give you money to buy stuff, save 6 dollars so you can buy your product!

Hope this helped(:

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    Do not waste you money on Skin ID doesn’t work……..

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