Neutrogena Deep Clean review & Paula Begoun

Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me – By Paula Begoun .25 Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser Just a review!


  1. brandon420z1 says:

    @toki535 no she bases her recommendations on science and research and what ingredients are in a product and she also lists all cosmetic ingredients on her site and explains what they do and what good they are or are not for skin…

  2. perubieber says:

    I wanted to say that your review was very good. Except that, the neutrogena deep clean has menthol in it because menthol helps hidrate skin and cleans broken up pimples and different things. So thats the reason it has menthol in it.

  3. blueskiies says:

    I’m using this Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser right now, and although I liked the gentle scrub better, I think its working pretty well for me. So like other people have said, don’t just base your opinions on what one person has said because you never know what REALLY factors into their ‘findings’. Hahaha do what you find is best!

  4. jdosn09 says:

    @BettyHorrid thanks! I actually definitely have found my HG cleanser since this post. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel… use it on the daily! Can’t live without it.

  5. BettyHorrid says:

    @jdosn09 You should try thr Rapid Clear oil eliminating foaming cleanser it works super good! :)

  6. Kimberly9616 says:

    I would tell u EVERYONE skin is different so don’t go and telling the Internet its not worth it

  7. Hexeta0055 says:

    **elses auto correct just fucked me.

  8. Hexeta0055 says:

    Somethings work for some people and others don’t. So it’s kinda hard to go by someone roses opinion on this.

  9. Ixlovexsharpies says:

    This cleanser helped my complexion so much though! And I don’t feel as though it’s right to rate a cleanser based on whether or not it removes make up – I think it’s safer in the long run to remove that separately with your make up remover of choice, that way you cleanser is reaching your pores completely and cleaning efficiently without make up in the way. :)

  10. Wahzoozoo says:

    i dont like to go just by what a book tells me because everyone’s skin is different and what might work for some may not for others. for me proactiv breaks my skin out horribly, but using this deep clean wash my face does sincerely feel fresher, softer, and when i woke up in the morning my skin did look alot cleaner then the night before. im just saying that its good to try out products before judging them by someone else :)

  11. HeartedAngel27 says:

    the minty breaks me out! my skin is actually allergic to mint! wow after using this product and the clean and clear DEEP CLEAN!

  12. mousecatool says:

    Does the Neutrogena Deep Clean – Oil Free Gentle Scrub work for dry skin ?

  13. spiderpig12296 says:

    I personally love the deep clean
    It works well and is soft, and has definitely improved my complexion

  14. VictoriaMusicChannel says:

    i used to use it and i used it at night and it kinda burns but i never got rid of my acne but it didnt really cause any but i switched to a different one and i have seen a difference

  15. honeybunnycake11 says:

    is the deep clean for night or day or both and can you use it daily

  16. coconutpower18 says:

    I dont care what SHE has to say.

  17. barrymandmisssporty says:

    how many pages does this book have?

  18. Jannsmith says:

    @DanaInWonderland93 – If I may, it can depend on the type of scrub. Paula Begoun suggests using one’s facial cleanser and merely mixing in some baking soda for a gentle face scrub. I’d tried it & it is quite gentle (though please do not rub the skin too hard :) Ingredients such as mint, eucalyptus, tea trea oil, lavender, citrus (such as orange, bergomot, lemon, lime, clementine, tangerine, citron, grapefruit) oils and some herbs such as sage, rosemary may cause irritation to the skin.

  19. Jannsmith says:

    Thanks for the video :) I really enjoy her “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics…” books as it is chockful of information as well as fun to read ;) Her earlier editions (before ’10) may have a few more brands listed. She may give a happy, sad or “average” face for various reasons such as whether the product works as claimed (such as an exfoliant that doesn’t actually exfoliate), if the ingredients are irritating or a bunch of hype.

  20. FashionablyGREAT says:

    Great vid! Thanks!!!

  21. gracefullbravo says:

    Everyone’s skin is different. You take risks and try different things. Something may work for you, but not for others. That’s all there is to it :] I personally have had clearer skin since I switched to Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. If you wanna give it a try, go for it ;] You can always do your own research and see what others had to say about a product. But make sure you don’t just pay attention to something ONE PERSON SAYS :D

  22. smilingjaws says:

    How strange… Neutrogena Deep Clean facial cleanser actually cleared up the acne I developed when I first started college.

  23. love62281 says:

    OMG decided for yourselve what products you like not by someone eles opinion.

  24. Someone3856 says:

    you’re so pretty!!!

  25. apusama says:

    i have dry to combination skin and i don’t wear a ton of makeup. would this be an ok cleanser for me?

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