my hair is just too dry…no shampoos will work, i dont know what to do it is really upseting me….PLZ HELP?

Question by POSEIDON: my hair is just too dry…no shampoos will work, i dont know what to do it is really upseting me….PLZ HELP?
I’ve used: head n shoulders, nioxin, dove, pantene, and vive pro for men… hair just won’t moisturize….i have quite a bit of dandruff and i dont know what to do… there a special shampoo I can use? or maybe a special approach? PLZ i need to know!!!

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Answer by I’m No Cinderella <3
gee i dont know you got me thr mb you should shave your head :)

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  1. partigirlx says:

    theres a really good hair repair line by redkin it comes in a blue bottle- the only redkin in blue bottles works WONDERS!!!

  2. says:

    Use, its a ten hair products.

    -Its a ten – miracle hair mask
    -its a ten – miracle spray in hair treatment

    they do ten things,
    like defrizz
    restore hair
    and help split ends!
    and more!

    to shampoo use neutrogena dandruff shampoos and use a shampoo brush to wash your hair!

    you can get all this stuff at a local harmon store near you, or go to

  3. kdd says:

    is your hair strands dry or your scalp? for your hair i would say ( i know it sounds weird) put some olive oil in and put a shower cap on for a few hours and then wash it out like regular. do a small test first on a little bit of hair b/c if you put too much in your hair it will take forever to get out. for dandruff you could put a little bit of tea tree oil in your shampoo or a little on your scalp at night. it smells awful but it has antiseptic properties and is supposed to be good on fungus. ( dandruff is a fungus)

  4. tigergurl247 says:

    go to a salon, a pro shood b able to help

  5. Winston S says:

    If your hair is really dry (now this may sound odd) put olive oil in it (right from your kitchen). Put enough in, let it sit, and then wash it out afterwards with shampoo.

  6. J.A.K. <3 says:

    you likely don’t have dandruff. go over a black surface and run your fingers through your hair and shake it out. if the flakes are large and greasy it’s dandruff. if they’re just little pieces of dead skin it’s nothing to worry about. hello hydration by herbal essences would do nicely but i use head and shoulders smooth and silky which makes my hair softer and my scalp less dry cause i have dry skin on my scalp. not dandruff though =)

  7. vanessaxadriana says:

    dont use shampoo for awhile..
    or only use a dime size..

    use aussies 3min repair’s really good..
    i use it everyday and my hair is always moisturized :]

  8. c :) says:

    Polytar AF is something my dad uses and he tells me it’s great, but it smells really bad. However if you use a conditioner or another shampoo after that smells better it covers the smell up.

  9. christina c says:

    use a gentle shampoo for hair that deals with dandruff. something like a green tea shampoo. just wash it once and rinse well. then use a conditioner that stays in your hair but don ‘t over use it. do not use a hair dryer or anything where heat is applied to your hair as that will only dry your hair more.

  10. RaynebowKisses says:

    try using a leave in conditioner any kind. I promise(errr a little bit) that this will help your dandruff and hair. ohh and go to ur local salon and ask about treatments for your problems. it might cost a bit but itll hopefully help!

  11. sweet b says:

    First of all you probably need a trim.
    I use Head N Shoulders just on my scalp for dandruff and Aussie Moist on the rest of my hair.Then use the Aussie Moist Conditioner,comb it through your hair in the shower.I love Aussie cause it’s cheap and it really works.

  12. CookieMarie says:

    Try Aveno, they have a hair repair cream, it’s about $ 20 for a tube but personally I found it worth the price.

  13. Ms. tee says:

    Try a baby shampoo…yeah, I said baby shampoo, doesn’t matter what kind…then go to a local grocery store and purchase some organic olive oil and rub it in your scalp like every night and morning.

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