My Accutane Diary (skincare routine/mini make makeup routine)

I have been on accutane for 2 months. I am on 40 mgs & this is my second cycle. These are the product I am currently using on my skin. I don’t recommend all of them but some of them are FANTASTIC. Please comment. rate subscribe : ) Products mentioned: MAC cleanse off oil/ MAC wipes Desert Essence Jojoba oil Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser Aveda botanicals kinetics hydrating lotion Aveda botanicals kinetics exfoliant Mario Badescu drying cream Sudocrem Glaxal base cream Lush fresh face masks (honey oat) Lush dream cream Clinique all about eyes NARS sheer glow foundation (mont blanc) MUFE HD foundation (#117) MUFE concealer palette (#1) AMAZING cosmetics concealer (Fair-ultra light) MAC mineralize skin finish (light) MAC 187 brush The Body Shop buffering brush I bought all aforementioned products myself. All opinions are my own.
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What I took in my hand-luggage on my flight from London to New York! Filmed in the Hudson Hotel, NYC. Daily tips and reviews can be found on my website, – see you over there! Or you can follow me on Twitter, @modelrecommends Products: Filorga Liss & Go, £32 from House of Fraser. Bioderma Cleanser in an Aveda “fillable” bottle, part of set £14 from Aveda. Avene Ystheal Eye Cream, £16.50. Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream, 15ml sample – part of free ‘gift with purchase’. Aveda Lip Saver, £11 from Aveda. Skin Veil in ‘Vanilla’, £30 from Cosmetics a la Carte. Rodial Glamtox Eyelight Concealer, £28 from LookFantastic. Avon Supershock Liner in Bronze, reduced to £3 at the Avon Shop online!


  1. megzz86 says:

    All my makeup gets flaky due to dryness- any suggestions?

  2. shelbysimms17 says:

    I love sudocrem it really, keeps them down, and leaves your skin feeling soft-3

  3. beslemeto says:

    baby if you are my girlfriend i will care for your skin better than any chemical product out there!!!

  4. missypink99 says:

    I love sudocrem!

  5. Redemption2012DUMC says:

    just started accutane 60mg any advice on a cleanser or somthing for a guy?

  6. TheOREOswagger says:

    yea you should always use mosturizer! It’s good for your skin, and it fights dryness :)

  7. Vocalist1993 says:

    I hate using moisturizer. Will it damage my skin if I do not use moisturizer at all while on accutane? I am on week 15 of my accutane course and my acne is gone. But I just started using moisturizer to combat the dryness. I’m using coconut oil. Is that bad? Please help! I am deathly afraid of another break out!!!!!

  8. JEMM981 says:

    FYI: When you’re on Accutane you aren’t supposed to use more than a sensitive skin cleanser and moisturizer that doesn’t have Benzoyle Peroxide or salicylic acid. If you use too many products and exfoliants, it can scar your skin. Cetaphil is probably the best brand while you’re on Accutane, even though it may not be your favorite, it’s probably the best.

  9. HeyGuysItsMikee says:

    baby oil is pure mineral oil…mac cleanse off oil is more naturally derived and the oils actually do more things to your skin, whereas mineral oil does nothing except coat it and prevent things from getting in. it doesn’t let your skin breathe.

  10. x4gn3x says:

    DIY :use baby oil instead of mac oil …its way better…take the botle of mac oil when you done and fill it with baby oil :)

  11. dcoachk says:

    hey greatings from ireland :D …i work in the factory that makes the jars for sudocrem and you wouldnt believe how much is shipped around the world litterly hundreds of thousands each week of every size jar so it must be good for something lol ever need a supply let me know :D

  12. xaralamb1 says:

    good girl i have had acne all my life and sudocrem is the only cream that actually really helps.

  13. xaralamb1 says:

    i had a horrible allergic reaction to it.

  14. RedTailedTuna says:

    I had a very bad reaction to Accutain in 1999 the doctor gave it to me and it caused me to become depressed and suicidal (I use to hold a hunting knife to my chest every night) After 120 days of this, where no one but myself knew. Then I found out about the side effects on the news. I’d rather have zits the to kill myself so I stopped taking that shit and I’ve been fine ever since.

  15. singerlisa12 says:

    i use cleansing milk because i puth on faundation buth while on accutane it feels like it burns a bit? i dont know how i can remove my foundation with something else….

  16. BluehaZe4010 says:

    tip: You are not supposed to clean your face while on accutane. Only gentle cleasners are reccomended.

  17. melyssalovespink says:

    Sorry u feel that way. I get A LOT of requests wanting to know what makeup/products I use. I like watching videos like this and I know some others do too. I didn’t make this channel to brag about my stuff or to become a beauty guru. I genuinely want to share my experiences and let other acne sufferers know they are not alone.

  18. melyssalovespink says:

    Caused a lot of dryness, redness and irritation for me. VERY bad to use while on accutane.

  19. melyssalovespink says:

    Glad to hear!

  20. melyssalovespink says:

    I know. I did though and it worked for me. My skin of my face didn’t get that dry so it was fine for me. I stopped using my clarasonic.

  21. Kazuya611 says:

    why is benzoyl peroxide horrible?

  22. nourabella says:

    you’re very pretty, and i think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your skincare tips with us, but the video seemed to stray more towards a “look at all my cool, expensive make-up and stuff” curve towards the end.

  23. AlienNatNat says:

    I love sudocrem. I couldn’t live without it. It’s the only product that’s really worked for me.

  24. NYCxrunaway says:

    Holy wow you are not supposed to exfoliate AT ALL while on accutane =/

  25. melyssalovespink says:

    I only used it on the affected areas. I usually leave it on overnight but have left it but leaving it on for a few hours might work too. I’m not sure if it matters how thick of layer u use. I normally use a pretty thing layer but make it thick enough that it is still opaque. If I have a really bad cut/cyst I might put it on a little thicker. Hope that helps!

  26. AModelRecommends says:

    the eye cream is GREAT. I am testing it at the moment! It’s up there with Skinceuticals. Sisley is gorgeous, but more pampering, whereas Filorga is more high-performance. Which sounds like what you want! x

  27. nocturnal303 says:

    hi, my name is alexander just looking to your vids and….u doing amainzing job,
    right, a quick qestion regarding filorga products, have used any of the eyes products from them, they are quite cheep, around 30£ but i am willing to give it a go betwing this and a product from sisley, quite interesting in more like puffines, fatigue and anti-aging.
    apreciate your response when a bit of time will be.

    best wishes

    alexander pierce

  28. AModelRecommends says:

    what an earth had you been up to?! ; )

  29. LopsidedCircle says:

    sorry! i hadnt slept for about two days so i used the wrong word! but ahhh that must be so lovely if they go for nice accomodations :) im so glad you try so hard to reply to every comment, it must take you ages! you are so lovely and your face is just incredible :) i love your attitude! thanks so much for making videos like this <3 <3 <3

  30. AModelRecommends says:

    pay for own flights you mean? Not sure I get you! Flights and accomodation and all expenses are normally paid by the client x x

  31. LopsidedCircle says:

    when models travel for a shoot ( i dont know if you are in this video) do they usually pay for their own recommendations?

  32. HananColours says:

    you always make great videos  ^^

  33. bndaviss89 says:

    perfect!! CAN’T WAIT!!! Thank you!!!! :) 

  34. AModelRecommends says:

    I’m doing a video soon showing the shades! xx

  35. bndaviss89 says:

    I love your videos! thank you for making them! :) I am really interested in the cosmetics a la carte skin veil. I don’t know which color or order it in though. I’m about your color when you are at your fairest. I am deciding between the original and the vanilla. Do you think the vanilla would blend into fair skin well? Also, do you or how do you wash the compact pad that comes with it? I would assyme you need to wash that like you would make up brushes. Thank you soo much <3

  36. ontheshelf26 says:

    good video, xoxo
    check out my forever21 and UGG haul and subscribe !
    - Chelsea :)

  37. kelly2k says:

    I really love your video, so helpful!!
    I want to know how you do packing your clothes, please =) xx

  38. swissmiss2000 says:

    I just “discovered” your channel and I absolutely love your videos!!! By the way, I find the gap between your teeth super charming. :)

  39. AModelRecommends says:

    yes, I have a big project coming up with euro brands, working on it now! x

  40. AModelRecommends says:


  41. QuietDawn6 says:

    I really like your hair this way much more then with the fringe *sorry* but you still look great after such a long flight. Amazing !

  42. aly2k10 says:

    I love these type of travel videos! :) they are so handy! Thank you so much! :)

  43. Thecheekofitall says:

    You and Your channel I find really interesting! Glad I found you. And I love your gapped teeth, did you know they are mean’t to be lucky? (Or so I was told as im happy gappy too!) When I was younger I had asked the dentist to close the gap, however she said ‘ leave it open it will give you character’… LOL!!

  44. LiverpoolLashes says:

    Totally enjoyed this video :) I love all of your videos Ruth and love listening to what you have to say :) Thanks for sharing x

  45. chrystynarr says:

    one of my favourite youtubers, love love love your vids <3

  46. agomes174 says:

    Can you give some suggestions concerning European beauty brands (besides the big commercial names)? Tks

  47. stardustlace says:

    thanks for sharing :) 

  48. catmama54 says:

    For someone with jet lag you look awesome.Such beautiful skin.Jet lag on me is so not pretty.Actually flying just beats the crap out of my skin.

  49. SamarkandChan says:

    No mascara?
    Love the French drugstore brands, they are really great.

  50. AModelRecommends says:

    Sorry – I’m not actually in New York right this minute – I filmed this a couple of weeks ago, just catching up!! xx

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