Model Kit: Glasgow, October 2010

What’s in my model kit today? This time I’m in Scotland shooting for a clothing company and this is what’s in my makeup bag! Click the link for an inventory:


  1. babyface2385 says:

    I love your model bag reviews!!!! “Bloody hell” I was dying when you said that

  2. babyface2385 says:

    I love your model bag reviews!!!!

  3. Snezhinka9 says:

    that remote reminds me of those “control your husband/wife/dog/boss” remote things you can get in gift/card stores in london lol

  4. sbf1190 says:

    you should try the loreal lash serum. its on the cheaper side for a lash serum that makes your lashes grow, but works really well. its around $13

  5. stardustlace says:

    Great video! That room is so cool :)

  6. AModelRecommends says:

    @celestialfragility no, it’s definitely called Green Balm! It’s by Moa.

  7. AModelRecommends says:

    I’ve added it to the info! x

  8. polishedVOGUE says:

    Can u write a list of products that you talk about in the video cz i don’t catch them all. :P THANKS!

  9. fluoxetin20mg says:

    i like the mood thingy! i love to have this at my home!

  10. vividhss says:

    i love your videos :) especially about skincare stuff, since i am always looking for better skincare product :) thanks for making great videos..

  11. BasiaMik says:

    Earplugs are a godsend! I don’t go anywhere without mine, too.

  12. TheLadysSpot says:

    These travel videos and your kit reminds me of when I used to work as a flight attendant. :) Those were good fun times..

  13. lilyy2304 says:

    i love your £1.50 video!

  14. tinashu007 says:

    I like the light changing thing… and How much is the white eye liner? I know, one pound fifty. lol… Love your video as usual. x

  15. MaryLeBow says:

    1st comment, yay!
    I love these “What’s in my make-up/wash bag” videos. .. Mainly because I’m nosy I guess ;)

    Thanks for sharing :)

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