Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” NBC News report, November 1991

Melanotan (one) “afamelanotide” discovery by researchers at the University of Arizona in Tucson as explained by NBC News’ Robert Bazell (with Tom Brokaw introduction) in a November 1991 News report. Melanotan (one) is now being developed in Australia as a photoprotective medicine to treat people who’s skin is negatively affected (more than normal) by exposure to UV light. Clinuvel (originally named “Epitan”) is the company that has been working to develop it since 1999. They are currently conducting clinical trials (under the drug name “afamelanotide”). The expected release of Melanotan one on the market as a treatment option for Erythropoietic Protoporphyria (EPP) sufferers is likely to be either 2009 or 2010. Journal of the American Medical Association article that this report was based upon: afamelanotide
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  1. calista30 says:

    this is sad..what is the big deal with being tanned.. I’m a black woman and I think that white guys and white women look nice the way they are..I don’t get it? I love being black but i can appreciate different ethnic groups as well…it’s just sad..

  2. athletichunta says:

    fucking sickening. sunblock causes cancer not the sun.

  3. CitrusFruitzz says:


  4. santran says:

    @melanotan1 Which is more effective to darken the skin? Melanotan 1 or 2? I don’t care about the libido stuff in Melano tan 2. All I’m concerned is the tanning capability

  5. mortiisdelamorte says:

    all he is saying is that if you are darker u have less chance of getting cancer rays from the sun.people need to get over them selfs about the whole race thing.

  6. britishangel03 says:

    @FLpolo  SO TRUE

  7. britishangel03 says:

    I’m not totally white, I have more of a dark olive skin tone. But what you are saying and implying is racist!

  8. flurodayze says:

    Well for you peepz that can go in the sun at all, stop complaining. I have a sun allergy called Solar Urticaria.. meaning i cant take more than 15 seconds of direct sunlight. I put on 50+ protection and wear a massive cowboy hat to avoid any potential sunlight. Its innovations like this that MAY make life bearable. And for the people that want a tan for cosmetic reasons, i wish you all the fake tits and botox injections life will bring you. lol

  9. Supplementreviewdude says:

    @qbb01 Destroys the liver, too dangerous

  10. qbb01 says:

    well it’s been 20 years and why isn’t it on the market?

  11. horos332 says:

    @josephortizgarcia. Best comment ever.

  12. CambridgeHeights says:

    And 20 years later, there is still no tanning drug.

  13. FLpolo says:

    @mcnabj hahaha you mad? this video is just asking for people to bring race into it, did not the comentator name 3 different races just now? there’s no such thing as racism, its called “NOTICING THE DIFFERENCES OF DIFFERENT ETHNIC GROUPS”. if you can’t see differences in the races then your blind and brainwash by this “we are the world we are the children” propaganda b.s. meant to draw every other race’s attention away from “white” people. the non-melanated oddballs who damage earth.

  14. megatajikistan2 says:


    You, Sir, are an idiot

  15. Shuffle3956 says:

    it’s true Mediterranean ppl tan easier and when a skin is tanned uv raise will have trouble penetrating the skin and cause DNA damage thus producing skin cancer. Anglo-Saxon don’t have the ability to tan as much so the uv raise will penetrate and cause skin cancer. there is nothing racist about this. it’s pure science.

  16. TheToritoritori says:

    @mcnabj yes, because it’s far better to run around pretending like we don’t look any different. THAT’s a scientific approach.

  17. josephortizgarcia says:

    Frankly, I would like to see more cases of skin cancer among the white phenotype. This, I think, would help to keep them isolated from the rest of the world, keep them in those colder place where they were meant to be. Hotep.

  18. 65Incognito says:

    The aussie company epitan, first did trials here 5 plus years ago. On a 60 minutes program, they interviewed trial participants. The fairest skin patient, even had a 50% increase tan. They never could achieve that prior and did so with minimal time in the sun. I’m fair skinned and burn easy. I put my name down for a trial and was contacted by a doctor from a large hospital. He said half of the patients, would have a placebo and none would know who. I never went ahead, but i wish i did now.

  19. MrNooobtooob says:

    @IMFLORIDA305 yeah because pigment relates to intelligence. DUMB FUCK!!!

  20. universalmoor says:

    its easier to just be yourself!

  21. Jeraga says:

    I have solar urticaria, I can’t wait for this to be out on the market.

  22. hebrewmatrix says:

    He need to repeat over again,,,,It wears off on White people,,,,,not just people…White people are definetly not the same species as blacks so they say….

  23. notetoselfimissyouxx says:

    omggg! who the hell would take this drug! its probably going to be safer for people to use sunbeds.

  24. djat4ever says:

    yeah right long long way off ; what the “experts” forgot to mention(on purpose, of course) is that such a drug/hormone has the potential of shutting down the ENTIRE tanning industry. Now that’s the real reason this drug is not FDA approved and that’s also the reason why such drugs are “way way way way off”.
    The problem is that people just shut their brains down and let other “experts” think for them on Television.
    Don’t believe me? Do a study on steroids, and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

  25. MrPinksBane says:

    perfect for moonlight :)

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