Mascara that doesn’t smudge when worn also on bottom lashes??

Question by gemini_rock25: Mascara that doesn’t smudge when worn also on bottom lashes??
I am a mascara junkie. I have tried many. There are some I love and tend to lean to more often, but just wondering if anyone has other suggestions. I do wear powder on top of my concealer under my eyes, and I don’t want a waterproof one. My current favorite is Cover Girl lash exact. It never used to smudge, but now I’m noticing it does on occasion. Also, the Estee Lauder double wear no smudge is good too, but I find it sometimes flakes. Is there any mascara out there that “claim” all these things and actually live up to it? I am just curious to hear opinions from other mascara junkies out there, thanks!

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Answer by VincentValentine

lancome is GOOD

dior is also pretty good as well,
i have a lot of that
but lancome works best for me :)

dont go maybelline
not good.


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  1. HAYLEY B says:

    Mac- Plush lash is just amazing! Or Masterpiece by Max Factor if your looking for a cheaper brand x

  2. Gem says:

    This is probably no help, But I don’t think any mascara doesn’t smudge.
    Except for the waterproof mascaras, which I’ve come across lately. Even though you said you don’t want a waterproof one.
    But using L’orĂ©al Dermo-Expertise and using a cotton ball, defintly does well to your lashes, after you take mascara off.
    I heard that leaving your mascara on overnight, can somewhat damage your eyelashes?

  3. josie862 says:

    Try L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. I have the same problem, this one doesn’t smudge on me. Good luck!

  4. lil miss princess says:

    Burjois Mascara- It is smudge proof and semi waterproof, but you can remove it with warm water, or water and soap.

  5. grooviedave says:

    I have a few that I have found. M.A.C. ZOOMLASH is great. I also LOVE Dior’s Dior Show. I haven’t noticed smudging with these but if your lashes are dry it could flake. Try Bare Minerals mascara. They are aloe based so they moisturize as well and they have a great lash builder. It’s like a conditioner that you put on before mascara and it stops most from smudging and flaking. The mascara I found that works the best with their lash builder is Clarins Wonder Length Mascara. It has a great brush that seperates the lashes and adds volume. It’s a great creamy formula that goes on smooth. So it’s perfect for bottom lashes as well. So it’s the ultimate combo!

    Clarins Wonder Length Mascara

    Bare Escentuals Lash Builder,default,pd.html?cgid=BE_SUB_MASCARA&deleteUUID=

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