Making It Better at the University of Toronto Project

The Making it Better at University of Toronto Project is a photo and video exhibit featuring University of Toronto students, staff and faculty who work to address homophobia in our learning and working environments. Their efforts and initiatives challenge perceptions, assumptions, and discrimination, while proactively working towards making the learning and working environments more inclusive for all at U of T.
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  1. lovelplants says:


  2. subtlelyra says:

    Nice to hear that U of T makes such a conscious effort on this front!

  3. jiltz44 says:

    This is outstanding! Kudos U of T for being out in front on this. I hope more schols follow suit.

  4. Leddym90 says:

    Congratulations. Lovely and thank you for your courage to all those who speak openly about their sexual orientation. This is great…and thank you too for the institutional support…

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