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115: No More Dirty Looks
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Image by Genna G
So, I’m reading this book right now called No More Dirty Looks… it’s really horrifying how much awful crap (read: hormone altering, cancer causing chemicals) are in our personal care products (shampoos, conditioners, body creams, etc.). It’s got me so riled up that I haven’t shampooed my hair in three days and I’m using active charcoal as eye liner instead of my regular pressed powders and mascara.

A little story about a horrifying product: I’ve noticed on some of my boyfriend’s dark coloured shirts that there are bleach marks around the collar. One time I saw this and said, "you should be more careful when you’re using bleach. Keep it away from your darks!" to which he replied, "I don’t use bleach." To myself I thought, he must have picked it up at the laundromat. Whilst reading this book, I came across an ingredient that looked rather familiar, benzoyl peroxide. Where had I seen that before? I went to my bathroom and searched around, and sure enough, there it was displayed proudly on the front of my boyfriend’s Proactiv. I see it every day. I’ve tried to get him to switch off it before, having worked for LUSH for a few years, I knew Proactiv was bad (read: super unnatural), but I didn’t know how bad. Benzoyl peroxide is banned for topical use in Europe as studies have shown that it has a free radical generating compound that is shown to promote tumors in mice when applied topically [from the book]. It also bleaches fabric on contact (mystery of the bleached collars solved! It was his face that was bleaching his clothes!) Benzoyl peroxide is in Proactiv in concentrations of 2.5% (pretty high). I might let it slide if it was just in the cleanser, as we tend to wash cleansers off before they get a chance to absorb into our skin, but benzoyl peroxide is also in the "Repairing Lotion," the stuff you leave on you skin, causing damage all day, every day. He hasn’t used the stuff since.

I’m getting rid of every product in my house and I’m going to wash my face with organic sunflower oil and soaps with three ingredients (or less).

You know a book is good when it makes you want to change your life.

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