Late Breaking Beauty & Kandee NEWS!!!!

Hi my kandee sweeties! Here’s the scoop, news, the happs on me and on all he newest things in beauty- Sick of being bored- read my blog… Are you too stressed out from not being able to be bored…read my blog for a mini vacation: I’ll put all the links there incase Youtube forgets to save them when I’m done typing them all out here! for more info on The Beauty Social Event http for more info about the How Do I Look show (with host Jeannie Mai) airs Monday October 17th at 8/9 central on The Style Channel Info about the SEPHORA and Cover FX event I’ll be at: *And NO i didn’t get paid to talk about anything or review anything in this video…none of these companies even has a clue I will be talking about any of their stuff! •Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Liner •LAQA&CO Nail Polish Remover Wipes .95 & free shipping on orders over •LAQA&CO Nail Polish Pens .95 & free shipping on orders over •Dinair Corrective Concealers .95 •OCC Tinted Moisturizers •Graphtobian HD Powder Palette .99 •Graphtobian HD Glamour Creme Super Palettes: Warm: Neutral: Cool: .99 Mira Bella Colorshine Lipgloss Flo Atomizer .95 Urban Decay Good Karma Brushes – Urban Decay Starlight Glitter Body Art www


  1. wrstlrgf91 says:

    @CassieAnnaCary harsh

  2. MissEvans77G says:

    kandeeee. you need to come to the uk :( . your such an inspirational beautiful person.. i just love you ! <3

  3. abbytaylaa says:

    YOU JUST DON’T SEEM TO AGE. Love you kandeeee

  4. CassieAnnaCary says:

    you are starting to look your age, lady. you can ditch the cutesy voice in your other videos. You’re well over 30 now.

  5. anneliseb7 says:

    KANDEEEE!!!! I just saw the How Do I Look – Search for the worst dresses woman show!!! It was sooooo fun seeing you on Style!!! You are so sweet and could tell you were trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings. ;P super cute!!! Wished they showed more of how u did the makeup tho!! Xx

  6. beereyna says:

    I love your beauty news vids

  7. PinkSkiiTtLeZzYoanNa says:

    OH MY GODDD do you have a tutorial on that AMAZING look from the intro of the video?

  8. RachealMonroe says:

    I have almost the same scar on my lip too LOL my top teeth went through my bottom lip.. its happen to me twice :( But ” Imperfection is Beauty” :)

  9. omfgavoryno says:

    love this lighting so pretty

  10. SuziMary says:

    WHERE’S YOUR RING FROM?! Not the flower one, the other. I’m wanting one of those for so long now D: Since Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi video BD

  11. hellomynameisdaisy says:

    Saw you on How Do I Look today and I had to do a double take!!!!!

  12. gbeauty100 says:

    haha new in makeup world lol

  13. 08reidlao says:


  14. Itzangela89 says:

    this is what is have on umm umm umm… I love her :-)

  15. Candy1469 says:

    You were wearing the shade Charisma, by Mirabella lipgloss, btw :)

  16. Candy1469 says:

    That Flo Atomizer is the same concept as the Travalo, for those of you who want to compare. I have and love the travalo :) competitive prices too :)
    By the way Kandee, you already know this i’m sure but this makeup look is perfect for you and truly highlights your beauty :) Love the way you puckered your lips to show us your gloss, you really crack me up :P

  17. 4013DollFace says:

    I seen you on ‘How Do I Look’ ndd I was so happy for you I loved you on it lol. You did fantastic! The girls Makeup looks GREAT. :D

  18. makeupbykenandkim15 says:

    @2011alliecat do you mean addicted2toofaced!!??lol

  19. NailsRus123 says:

    Do you come to meet and greets in Florida at all ??

  20. Mai80s says:

    professional news show lol
    u r funny Kandee
    love the beauty products and the perfume

  21. BeautyWorldwild says:

    urban decay however IS cruelty free and certified! THAT is a true cruelty-free brand.

  22. BeautyWorldwild says:

    occ is NOT a certified cruelty free cosmetic company, so NO, NOT cruelty free or they would certify it cruelty free. But they can’t right because they are not cruelty free!

  23. roccop913 says:

    You look amazing in the color black!:) BEAUTIFUL!

  24. jadeperez709 says:

    ur making me cry talking about that show…

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